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5 Best Free UK Events for Small Businesses

Woman presents a clipboard with a calendar page on it

In the currently challenging economic climate, free business events are a fantastic way to find a wealth of opportunity, information and advice to help you grow your small business.

But which ones should you prioritise? We’ve put together a list of the 5 best free events for small businesses in the UK.


Celebrating 14 Years of Create

Create turns 14 today and just like any birthday, we're celebrating and reminiscing over the last 14 years. From when our first customer built their very own website to hosting those of thousands of businesses in recent years. It has been a journey that we're honoured to have been able to share with you.


A Special Message from Create's Founders


Create Puts Makers In The Picture At BMMF

Create Booth at Brighton Mini Maker Faire

We had loads of fun at the incredible Brighton Mini Maker Faire on Saturday! We saw robots knitting, light writing, traffic cones with road rage, a DALEK and much more besides.

Not only does Create sponsor this annual celebration of ingenuity, innovation and invention but we also popped along with a little creation of our own that got hundreds of people online in an instant.

The automated Create Booth took snaps of makers, families, kids and various other curious Faire-goers and automatically uploaded the photographs to the Create Twitter feed with the hashtag #BMMF so that they could go online and retrieve their image later.


'Put Yourself In The Picture' With Create

'Put Yourself In The Picture' With Create At #BMMF2013

As well as rolling out awesome new features (more coming very soon!) to Create users, this week we've also been LOUDLY working on the exhibit we're taking along to Brighton Mini Maker Faire tomorrow.

This is the second year of our partnership with this amazing showcase of creativity, invention and ingenuity. Last year we cut our teeth demoing the Create platform to a wide range of people, but this year we've got something a bit special up our MASSIVE SLEEVES.

We've built a fun Photo Booth for folks at the Faire (Sept 7th, Brighton Dome & Corn Exchange) to get themselves snapped in! Take a look at the construction process in the pics below.


Create Supports the Brighton Mini Maker Faire

Maker Faire Blog 2013 sponsorship image

For the second year running Create is proud to sponsor Brighton Mini Maker Faire (Sept 7th/8th).

This annual showcase of incredibly innovative invention is a great way to spend a day on the coast.

Immerse yourself in a world of craft, creativity and fun and learn the practices behind the exhibits.

Held at Brighton Dome and the adjacent Corn Exchange, the Faire brings together engineers, inventors and craftpersons united in a common goal: to make you say 'WOW!', be that with a game of One-Dimensional Pong, a ride on a people-powered Scalextric track or even a humanoid robot that knits.


Create Now Hosts Over 10,000 Websites!

Create Now Hosts Over 10,000 Websites!

I'm excited to announce that Create has hit a huge milestone: we now host over 10,000 websites and online businesses built with our tools!

From its humble beginnings in my back room over a decade ago, Create is now a dedicated team of nearly twenty awesome people helping thousands of businesses get their products and services online.


Create Workshops Support Learning Disabled Artists


Thanks to everyone who signed up to Create's online shop workshops at Super+Super this month. You'll be happy to hear that thanks to y


Digital/Physical: When Art Worlds Collide By Simon Shepherd

Create Events

In the second of our monthly Create Events, we invited Brighton artist Simon Shepherd to talk about his approach to his work and his view of the art world.


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