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Create Staff Picks: Father's Day

Fathers Day Gifts Vintage Pheasant Tumblers  at magpieliving.co.uk With Father's Day just around the corner on the 21st of June, we have been on the look out for the perfect gift to give your dad this year, from Create shops. If you are on the look out for something a bit different, unique, handmade and heartfelt - then look no further. Put your feet up and have a read below.

Pagebuilder Showcase: 5 Inspiring Websites

Creates pagebuilder example

We recently launched Pagebuilder, our brand new feature which allows you to drag-and-drop content blocks to build entirely responsive pages. It has been live across all Create accounts for a week now and we have been delighted to see how you have been using this new tool.

We’ve seen loads of fantastic new pages being built - here’s a few of our favourites.


How To Style Your Brand

How To Style Your Brand Book By Fiona Humberstone inside the book

"How To Style Your Brand" is a fantastic new best selling book from author Fiona Humberstone. Fiona is a previous guest blogger for Create with her post on How to use the Psychology of Colour to Brand your Business.

When I heard "How To Style Your Brand" was being released, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy. It truly is a work of art and full of inspiration, b


5 SEO Mistakes To Avoid On Your Website

5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid On Your Website, woman sitting on bed typing on apple laptop

There are lots of modifications you can make to improve your site’s SEO and an abundance of advice out there for climbing higher in the ranks of search engines.

However, it’s worth considering some of the things you should avoid, which could harm your search-engine friendly site and in this blog we’ll look at some of the major points that could reduce the quality of your SEO.

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