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Meet Rhodesian of Edinburgh - Makers Of Beautiful Leather Bags

Rhodesian of Edinburgh logo with image of model and bags

What can we say about Rhodesian of Edinburgh? This Mother and Daughter team Katrina & Charlotte founded the company in early 2014 and have not looked back!

Their ethos is to make gorgeous leather goods, that last a lifetime. The bags are crafted using traditional skills, and all start life as drawings which are then transferred to paper and stapled together. This detailed way of creating the designs ensures that they're functional as well as beautiful and ... we can't get enough of them!


The Crafter’s Guide To Packaging Handmade Products

Image of woman holding the book The Crafter’s Guide To Packaging Handmade Products

While taking care over packaging is extremely useful for businesses that make handmade products, it really can lend itself to all areas of ecommerce. Ensuring your customers have the best experience from start to finish by adding a special touch to the packaging of your orders can really make or break your business memorability. But how and where do you begin?


Improving Page Load Speeds With Responsive Images

With mobile browsing ever increasing, businesses cannot afford to ignore mobile-friendly design. Drawbacks over image quality and pages taking too long to load on mobile devices are now a thing of the past. Want high resolution images on your site and increase page load speed for mobile users? Now you can with our updates for ‘Responsive Images’! Read on to learn more.


6 Free Ways To Make Google Analytics Work For Your Business

Close up of flowers with a blurred computer and desk in the background

Google Analytics is a really powerful tool, which can be highly valuable to all walks of business. With a wealth of information available online, and countless help guides to trawl through, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Read on to learn about how you can get started and how your business can benefit from Google Anayltics.

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