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If you've not yet planned out your marketing and promotional activities for the year ahead, it's not too late. To help you get a plan together we've made a Free Yearly Marketing Calendar.

This features dates of events you might want to tie your business marketing into, such as sporting events and national 'weeks' like National Baking Week and National Gardening week. Plus tick boxes for tracking you've shared on the main social networking platforms.

When you've got your plans in place you can confidently prepare in advance and leave time for spontaneous marketing if opportunities arise.

Downloaded the PDF? Great!

Here are a few tips to help you put your marketing and content plans in place:

  • Plan Ahead

It's best to plan at least six months ahead with your promotions, such as seasonal sales and competitions. This gives you more time to fully realise your ideas and build upon them. You're not going to have all your best ideas over a single cup of tea but once you've got a few rough outlines down well in advance they'll stick in your brain and develop over time.

  • Build On Past Successes

There's nothing wrong with using a tried and tested method for increasing your audience and customer base, so if a particular type of competition, press push or discount has worked well for you in the past, do it again! Previous customers will be familiar with your promotional activities and may well have been looking forward to you running that Spring Sale again.

  • Make a Realistic Budget

If you were in business last year you should know which marketing activities worked and how much you spent on them. It's all very well taking into consideration definite costs such as advertising but don't forget how much your time is worth. Creating engaging, shareable content can be done on a very tight budget but it's important to remember how much of your own time you'll be putting into doing so and how that will affect your costs.

  • Be Adaptive

So you've got your plan in place, you know when you'll be starting to gather stock for your sale, writing up your press releases and sharing your content on social media, but remember to keep an eye on what's going on in the news. Some of the best marketing successes have arisen when people have noticed a trend and jumped on the bandwagon with a clever promotion or tie-in within a short space of time.

  • Measure Your Success

If you're doing online marketing using links to your site, or running a newsletter campaign, use Custom Campaign URLs, a URL shortner like and Google Analytics together to see exactly who clicked what, when they clicked it and if that click actually turned into a sale. This way you'll know pretty soon which campaigns succeeded and which fell a bit flat, enabling you to improve your future marketing efforts.

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