How To Build A Successful Cake Website

Looking to start your own cake business? Discover the tips and tricks that you can use to put your best foot forward and represent your new business online with the Create Website Builder.

How To Make An Instagram Landing Page

Do you update your Instagram followers about new products, blog posts and other content? It’s irritating not being able to add a link to your latest blog or product that your…

5 Easy Ways To Update Your Website

Your website sits in the background working hard for you 24/7, but often we neglect to update it because we're busy. It doesn't have to be this way as sometimes the small simple changes…

How To Start A Website

Do you have a website? Many small business owners don’t. In fact, only 42% of small business owners (10 employees or less) actually have one. This figure is incredibly alarming,…

More New Templates Available Now

We're really excited to bring you another three new themes for your website. You can find our previous three themes here. Each of these new templates can be completely customised and…

New Website Themes Available Now

We're really excited to bring you three new themes for your website. Each of these new templates can be completely customised and tailored to your content in new and exciting ways. One of…

How To Build Landing Pages

You never get a first impression back, so how are you welcoming new visitors to your site? Landing pages are a great way to ensure you make the right first impression as you can…

3 Tips from a Create Account Manager

In this blog, one of Create's Account Managers gives you three tips on how to improve your website. Building a website yourself is great, but it can help to have expert advice.

How To Take Great Product Images with a Smartphone

You don’t need a high-end camera to shoot good quality product images. The majority of modern smartphones have very capable cameras and can produce some excellent images when a few simple factors are considered when taking the shots.

Free Watercolour Website Graphics

 Do you want new graphics for your website? Download our FREE Watercolour Pack today! Designed especially for you, and by popular demand, this complete pack includes free social…

12 Free Graphic Design Resources

Beautiful design is no longer for just the Graphic Designers. There are many free and cheap online resources out there, making it a breeze to create professional graphics and a strong…

How To Design A Logo

Great, memorable and recognisable logos aren't just for big brands with millions of pounds to spare. With a bit of brainstorming and sketching it's possible to create a unique design that…

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