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How LinkedIn Can Boost Your Website Sales

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LinkedIn has 380 million users all over the world and is a great place to boost awareness of your business and website. Follow our fantastic tips on how to generate sales using LinkedIn.


How Twitter Can Boost Your Website Sales

Two birds on a branch

Twitter is arguably one of the best platforms for your online business to really take off in terms of raising awareness and getting more customers

66% of Twitter users have found new small businesses via the platform. But what gives Twitter the edge for digital marketing, and how can you make the most of it? Follow our tips on how to use Twitter as a tool to really boost your business this year.


How Facebook Can Boost Your Website Sales

Smartphone with Facebook App open on table next to words 'social media'

Facebook is so big you can guarantee your target market will be on there, based on demographic, location, age, interests and more. Here are Create’s tips on how to market and build your brand through Facebook.


4 Amazingly Simple Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Website

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Whether you’ve been running your website for a while or are just starting out, we’ve got four ways you can ramp up traffic to your site:


SEO Basics: How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

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So you’ve set up your beautiful website, everything’s working as it should be… But where are your customers?


How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

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A great blog post has the power to lift your brand and direct traffic to your website and online shop. But how do you know if your blog post is any good or not?


5 Ways To Maximise Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook is the biggest social media channel to date, with over 1.9 billion active users, there are more people currently using Facebook than the entire population of China! Wouldn't it be great to be able to make the most of this and use it to your business' advantage?


SEO And Google Analytics Talks - Expert Advice

SEO in a heart

Knowing what keywords to add to your content and what they actually do for your business can be complicated. It can be overwhelming trying to understand SEO and organic search - which Google Analytics reports should you be looking at and why are the top keywords not showing?

Need help? Look no further. Watch these 2 videos from industry experts and learn all about Analytics analysis and the key influencing factors in SEO today!


How To Succeed At SEO In 2016

Pandas How To Succeed At SEO In 2016

2015 was a big year for SEO. We saw the continued growth of mobile browsing and the Mobilegeddon that came along with it; Google's Phantom 2 update - and a handful of others - saw the quality of website content becoming even more of a focus; and user experience became a stronger signal for search results, separating the competition across the board. Time is money, so don't waste it - focus on the key trends this year and you can succeed at SEO.


What Did You Miss? Highlights For Your Website In 2015

Happy New Year From Create

We can barely believe it, today is the last day of 2015! We’re very excited to tell you about what's in store for 2016, but before we do let's look back at some of Create's greatest achievements of 2015 - filled with updates, new tools, free resources and advice to bring your Create website success - all thanks to you!


Free Tools To Grow Your Website In 2016

Welcome to your handy 2016 marketing calendar from Create

The run up to Christmas can prove a very busy time for online sellers and so you may not have had a chance to think ahead for 2016. Once things have settled down it’s definitely worth outlining a plan for the year ahead, and we’ve put together a handy marketing calendar with some of the important dates through the year to give you a little inspiration.

Not only that, but we have also added a couple of other little resources that we have tried and tested. These FREE tools make planning your marketing just that little bit easier, which is what we all want, especially at this busy time! Read on and get your business ready for the New Year!


Improve Your Visits And Sales - Get Involved With Freebie Friday

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Freebie Friday is a social media giveaway we run here at Create - it's a great way to showcase our customer products whilst also driving new visitors and sales to their website and social channels. Want to reach new visitors? Get involved with #FreebieFriday!


Turn Shoppers Into Buyers Using Google Analytics

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Needs of the online retailer have changed in recent years. With the desire to understand shoppers and product-level performance, more sophisticated and comprehensive analysis tools are required - and Google has the answer. Make smarter decisions for your business using advanced insights into shopper behaviour with “Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking”. Read on to find out more.


New Google Update - Universal Analytics Is Here!

Woman at desk working on Google Analytics and writing notes about her website

Google Analytics have recently released their new exciting 'Universal Analytics' update - giving you access to improved data processing and more analysis tools. But what actually is Universal Analytics and why should you use it with your website? Read on to find out more.


6 Steps To A Great Facebook Competition

Blue sky with blue bloons

Now that we have entered the great British summer months and the sun is (mostly?) shining, holidays are being booked, people are skipping outside to catch those rare little rays of sunshine and possibly taking a break from all the shopping!

Why not warm your Shop up too and run a Facebook competition to boost site visits and sales! Read on for how to get one running and why you should.


5 Pinterest Tips For Business Success

Wedding cake with bride and groom figures sitting on top

We are all guilty of spending hours flicking through tasty-looking food pins and planning the dream wedding - but, get Pinterest right, and this visual discovery tool will be a huge source of traffic for your business, bringing you closer to your audience.

Read on for our top tips to make sure you are taking full advantage of this platform, and you could increase site visits as well as sales!


5 SEO Mistakes To Avoid On Your Website

5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid On Your Website, woman sitting on bed typing on apple laptop

There are lots of modifications you can make to improve your site’s SEO and an abundance of advice out there for climbing higher in the ranks of search engines.

However, it’s worth considering some of the things you should avoid, which could harm your search-engine friendly site and in this blog we’ll look at some of the major points that could reduce the quality of your SEO.


Link Building - Sowing The Seeds Of Good SEO

Sowing the seeds of good SEO with Link Building

When you're working on the Search Engine Optimisation of your website, a phrase that will often crop up is 'Link Building'. It's been a core activity for most SEO professionals for many years as it's been a very successful way to improve ranking in the past. These days, it's a hotly debated industry topic - is it still good to do? What does Google like? Read on to find out more.


Curious About SEO? Our Guide To The Basics

SEO Basics Guide

There are a number of methods and tools you can use to build on your SEO and rank favourably with search engines. In this blog we will answer a few key questions to help you understand the basics of SEO - this will ensure you are on the right track and promoting your website thoroughly from start to finish.


What Is SEO And Why Does It Matter?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation – or SEO – is an important part of any website and something you should be actively thinking about. SEO helps your customers and users find your site and can help you build a greater audience.

But what is SEO, why does it matter and how do you go about improving it? This blog will focus on introducing you to the topic, explaining exactly how search engines work and preparing you for the next steps of working on your SEO.


Free 2015 Content Marketing Calendar

Free Yearly Marketing Calendar from

If you've not yet planned out your marketing and promotional activities for the year ahead, it's not too late. To help you get a plan together we've made a Free Yearly Marketing Calendar for 2015.

This features dates of events you might want to tie your business marketing into, such as sporting events and national 'weeks' like National Baking Week and National Gardening week. Plus tick boxes for tracking you've shared on the main social networking platforms.


Promoting your Products with Pinterest

pinterest for business

Pinterest has now been established in the social media world for a solid four years now, and is growing inevitably amongst business and personal users.

We’ve blogged before with great little tips on promoting your website using Pinterest, but today I am going to be going more in-depth about promoting your products or services and tapping into this marketing pot of gold, rich with of over 70 million users.*


Introducing the new "Google My Business"

introducing google my business banner

Connect with your customers on a whole new level using the brand new and free service from Google, “Google My Business".

This handy tool will essentially allow business owners to control how their business appears in Google search results, maps, and more. This is now all done in one easy-to-use dashboard which can be accessed from your computer, Android phone or iOS phone (coming soon).


Marketing and SEO Tips For The First Six Months

first 6 months marketing plan

The first six months of running your new website can be a rocky and occasionally baffling time. If you are new to online selling it can be daunting and full of surprises.

The biggest surprise for many new online sellers is that it takes time to establish your website and start making sales, as the old saying goes “Amazon wasn't built in a day” (that's the idiom, right?).


10 Ways To Promote Your Business With Create

10 Ways To Promote Your Business With Create

If you took part in the Create end-of-year survey you will have noticed some questions about how you can promote your business with Create. We think it's really important to try to work with you to help boost your website and involve you in our campaigns so here are 10 things you can do with Create that you may not be aware of.

Have you seen something here that you are interested in? There's no time like the present so get in touch! Or perhaps you have other suggestions for ways to get involved? Let us know in the comments section below.


Using Short Video To Make Your Business Stand Out

Rebekah Harriman

Today we're hearing from Rebekah Harriman, a social media consultant & coach who specialises in working with creative businesses. Short video is an emerging tool for small businesses and with networks like Vine and Instagram you can be creative and informative in an instant! Over to you, Rebekah...

Video is a very valuable marketing tool for small business owners. It’s great for your SEO and it gets shared more frequently than other media. Customers are also more likely to trust testimonials on video than in writing as they are much harder to fake or make up and actually demonstrating a product helps consumers feel confident in their purchase.


How To Redesign Your Website For Better SEO

SEO Tips

So you have been battling the search engines for a while now and you have started to get a really great position on some of your best keywords. That’s fantastic! However you may find yourself, like many others, scared to refresh or redesign your website in case you lose any of your hard-earned search engine rankings so far.

Fear not! Redesigning your website does't mean starting again with your SEO. In fact, it could even give you a chance to make some search engine-friendly updates to help your SEO even more. Here are some tips on best practice for you to consider when redesigning your site to improve SEO.


Create a Facebook Page For Your Business

As of December 2013, Facebook had 1.23 billion active users. To put that figure in perspective, that's approximately 17.5% of the entire world population. As a business owner, it's certainly not a number to be sniffed at!

Although starting your Facebook business page (that's us over on the right!) is completely free, it can take time and effort to build the kind of following that makes a big difference to your business. Bear this in mind when you set up your page, and try to make a great first impression by researching what makes a great cover photo and reading up on how you can approach using social media for ecommerce.


How To Increase Your Site Visits

How To Increase Your Site Visits

As it's Global Entrepreneurship Week, we're taking a step forward by helping businesses grow and improve their businesses. Here's the second of two blogs by Customer Account Manager Candi on the various ways you can improve your business.

So you've launched your website but you don't think you're getting the numbers of visitors you would like?

Well, there's no need to worry as it can take time for your search ranking to grow and for the word about your business to get out there.

But there are plenty of things you can do to help the process along and get those visitors, so let's take a look at them together!


How To Run a Facebook Competition

Facebook logo

If you've heard a lot of whooping and yelling out there lately, don't worry, it's not the Apocalypse, it's just thousands of digital marketers and social media folk jumping for joy at the recent announcement from Facebook that you can now allow people to 'Like' or comment on a post in order to enter a competition. Below we'll look at how to run a Facebook competition and why you should!


10 Tips And Ideas For Great Content Marketing On A Budget

Content Marketing On A Budget

Although content marketing (if this phrase means nothing to you, check out my introductory article here) can be as expensive as literally sending a man into space, the principles remain the same whether you've got millions in funding or just a couple of coppers to rub together.

The main thing to remember is that what you might not have in cash, you'll need to make up for in originality, creativity, effort and persistence.

Here I'll be sharing some tips on how you can create quality content and assess your strategy with a meagre budget or even no budget at all.


Content Marketing For Beginners

Content Marketing Badge

These days we exist in a Brave New World of online marketing. It used to be reasonably commonplace for sneaky businesses to implement what's know as 'black hat' SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategies, such as link farming, in order to boost a website's search engine rankings and increase traffic to the site.

However, since the launch of search engine updates such as Google's Panda and Penguin, we find ourselves increasingly at a point in which the very best thing one can do to boost site rankings is simply to build a good-quality, high-performance website that's regularly updated with well-written, authoritative content.


Facebook Hashtags: Not Just Another #Update...

Facebook Hashtags

Depending on how ahead of the curve you and your Facebook friends are, you may or may not have noticed the proliferation of #hashtags on Facebook recently. Yes, Facebook has caught up with Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram and it's finally announced support for searchable hashtags in Facebook posts.

Here I'll be looking at what hashtags are, how they could be helping your business and how a little experiment by Create showed how useful they can be.


Get Back to Google+ and Increase Your Audience

Google Plus Logo

With Facebook about to revamp its News Feed to, among other things, display images, videos and check-ins in a way much more like Google+'s, now seems like a good time to reassess the search engine's bold entry into the world of social networking. Did it fulfil social media prophets' cries that it would be a Facebook killer? And more to the point, did it ever need to?


Instagram Loves Your Business - Pt. 3: The Extra Mile


If you've signed up to Instagram, added the feed to your website, snapped some amazing things and got involved with the community, you might think it's time to sit back and put your feet up, but now is the time to strike your audience with these effective techniques!

You can draw more users to your Instagram and your site by holding competitions, jumping on a hashtag bandwagon and encouraging stimulating commentary. Read on to learn more in this, the final part of the 'Instagram Loves Your Business' trilogy!


Choosing The Right Social Networks For Your Business

Social Networks Grid

As time goes on, social networking becomes more and more important to the way we do business. Although it's integral to getting new customers and making business connections, it's easy to become intimidated by the sheer volume of social networking sites and new 'killer apps'. It seems like every day another web startup professes to have launched a new 'Facebook-beater'.

But instead of poring through the piles of apps, sites and networks out there, pour yourself a cuppa and use our guide below to find the ones that are right for you and your online business!


Instagram Loves Your Business - Pt. 2: Picture Perfect

Instagram Blog Pic

Instagram has become quite a social phenomenon and it's a great way to visually stimulate your friends, but have you thought about how you could be using it to promote your business? Not only as part of your social media campaign, but to really connect with your customers through fantastic website imagery.

Create's new Instagram feed widget allows you to display your Instagram pics on your site with ease, but what to snap?


Instagram Loves Your Business - Pt. 1: Instawhat?

Instagram Feed blog

Instagram is a free smartphone and tablet app (available on the App Store and the Google Play* store) which allows you to take photos with beautiful filters and retro styles and share them online.

Like Twitter and Facebook, people can subscribe to follow your content on Instagram. Your followers will see your new photos as you share them.


10 Tips For Using Instagram With Your Online Business

Instagram Feed Widget

With Create's new Instagram Feed widget, you can add photos to your website straight from your phone or tablet, wherever you are!


10 Tips For Using Pinterest To Promote Your Website

Pinterest Logo

According to a variety of sources*, Pinterest now drives more sales and new customers than Facebook, so it’s well worth your while pinning some of your promotional hopes on it (forgive me).

This social network is unique in that it only allows users to share images on virtual ‘pinboards’. On paper it sounds limited but in fact it’s this simplicity and clarity of purpose that has led it to become the success story it is today. And if you’re not already using it, it’s sitting there waiting to make a success story of your brand!


Improving Your SEO: Link Building Tips and Tricks

SEO Tips logo

Link building is arguably one of the more important and influential aspects involved in getting your website to rank well in search engines.

Here are some tips and information on good practices for building links back to your website.


Improving Your SEO: Writing Good Copy

SEO Tips logo

Did you know that the quality of your writing greatly affects your Search Engine Optimisation?

Although your tags and meta tags and header tags and the like are well-equipped to help out with your website's SEO, search engines have always made it clear that the Number One Way to improve your search engine ranking is simply to write good content.


Facebook Business Pages - Understanding The Features

Facebook Shop icon

All Business Pages and Profile Pages will switch to the new Facebook Timeline format, which is already in use by some.

If you have already used our Facebook Shop feature to set up your Create shop on Facebook, there’s no need to worry – all your shop information will stay on your Facebook Business Page. But if you’ve been thinking of setting up a Facebook Shop with Create, there’s never been a better time to do so!


SEO Tips - Create your website for your customers!

Facebook Shop icon

Are you scratching your head at the thought of "Keywords", "Meta tags" and "H tags"? .... Well here's a useful post for all you newbie “SEO-ers” out there that will make SEO insanely simple.

For those of you who don't know, SEO is short for “Search Engine Optimisation”, which in a nutshell, is the process of optimising your site so that it starts to climb up the Search Engine rankings.


10 Simple Blog Post Ideas To Inspire You

An excellent way of promoting your business is to regularly blog! Search Engines love new content and blogging can really improve your sites ranking. Below are a few ideas for things you could blog about if you don’t know where to start!

Write about any news you have about new product and services, an up-and-coming sale, or an event you are going to. If you haven’t already, write about yourself, how and why you started your business, and where you see your business going.

Create your store now with a free 30 day trial.

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