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Everything You Need to Know About Starting A Successful Website

Screenshot of Mountain&Molehill Homepage @CreateEcommerce

Dreaming of creating a professional website but not sure where to start? Follow our tips for a site you can be proud of.


20 Great Websites with Free Stock Images

Hot air balloons over beautiful landscape in the evening sun

Looking for beautiful photographs to spice up your site? Here are 20 of the best places to get amazing stock images - completely free!


Create Mobile-Friendly Content With Ease Using Pagebuilder

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Website visits from mobile devices have long since overtaken desktop users; and with Google favouring mobile-friendly content it's now more important than ever to keep up to date with responsive web design. With our drag and drop content building tool, Pagebuilder, you can create great looking, responsive content with ease. Take a look at these inspiring examples and exclusive insight into new updates now available.


3 Tips For Picking The Perfect Template

Mode Template at Create

Setting up your website for your new business? Or maybe you are looking to freshen up your current site and branding! Either way you'll want the best template to suit your needs. There can be many choices and decisions to make when it comes to choosing your template, so how do you know which is the right one for you? Read our expert tips on how to find the perfect layout for your brand's style and make picking the right template a little easier.


Make A Good Impression: Secrets To A Great Homepage

You only get one chance to make a first impression and this is even more important when you're selling online. Did you know 94% of factors influencing first impressions of a website are design related - what is your site saying about you? Your homepage should stand out, make an impact and get results. An effective homepage can make or break your business' success, so read all about the key considerations and make sure you are making the best impression today!


Anatomy Of Design: Creating The Look For Your Website

Designing your website involves careful thought and planning, but you may not always know where to begin, how to create the right theme for your brand or how to visualise the perfect look for your business. Take a look behind the scenes as we explore the anatomy of design elements and how you can build the best website - plus a FREE content builder download!


Crop, Rotate And Edit Your Images With Ease

Crop, Rotate And Edit Your Images With Ease

Editing your images has never been easier with the NEW upgrade available! Enhance your images and excite visitors using the new tools, including image effects and cropping to a consistent size across your website. Want to instantly rotate your images and bulk upload image files in seconds? Try it now!


More Free Mobile-Friendly Templates For Your Website

More Free Mobile-Friendly Templates For Your Website

Responsive website design is key to success these days, and with a responsive template your website can be mobile-friendly in seconds! Whether you're building a new site, thinking of a refresh or simply interested in web design, take a look at 4 new templates available now.


Get Crafty - Creative Concepts For Your Website

Get Crafty - Creative Concepts For Your Website. 4 New Themes

Are you building a new website or refreshing your current design? Look no further, more new themes have just been launched in the Design Studio! These include Woollen, Calla Lily, Patterns and Cupcake.

Each theme has been designed with an industry in mind, bringing out different elements to suit the brand's identity and feel. With mobile device usage continuing to dominate website visits, it's important to choose a responsive template, so take a look into the design decisions behind these new options.


Build The Best Website For Your Business

Build a kick-ass website for your business with Create!

Beginning your own business can be an exciting experience, but sometimes it can seem a little daunting! Once you have your idea, there are a couple of steps you can follow in making your business a success. One of these steps is to create yourself an eye-catching, informative website.

Here at Create we have built a platform to enable you to design and publish a professional website that boosts your business! Read on for our top tips on where to start with your new website.


Improving Page Load Speeds With Responsive Images

With more people than ever using mobile devices to browser the internet, businesses can no longer afford to ignore the importance of being mobile-friendly. We are always optimising our system in order to improve image quality and reduce how long it takes for pages to load on mobile devices. With our new 'Responsive Images' update, we're taking a big step forward. Read on to learn more.


More Cool Ways To Use Pagebuilder On Your Website

Desk with laptop, flowers and cup of hot drink

Our recent blog featuring creative ideas as to how you can use our new Pagebuilder feature received a fantastic response. It has been great to see so many putting the tips into action, so we thought we'd share a few more!

Here are some brand new tips to ensure you are designing engaging mobile-friendly pages and enhancing your customer's experience.


8 User Experience Tips To Make Your Site Delightful

Image of Laptop, phone, mug and plant for a blog on User Experience

Chances are that you've probably heard the term “User Experience” thrown around in the context of web design. But what is User Experience and why does it matter?

User Experience, or UX, is concerned with the emotions, habits, attitudes and behaviours of people using a particular product and has basis in Psychology, Graphic Design, Computer Science and Marketing. The ultimate goal of UX is to deliver a stunning experience to your users by offering a product or service that is easy, efficient and overall delightful to use. After all, as web users ourselves, isn't that what we all want?


5 Cool Ways To Use Pagebuilder On Your Website

Man working at desk, highlighting and designing

You may have seen our recent blogs and showcases on pages built using Pagebuilder. Since its release lots of customers have been building


Understanding Google's Mobile Usability Issues

The way people browse the web is in a state of constant change. More and more people are browsing webpages on mobile devices, with more than half of the world's search quesries now coming from mobile devices.

This change has seen a growing importance being placed on providing mobile-friendly experiences, something which search engines are now increasing their emphasis on. Google is now actively penalising sites that are not mobile responsive. Understandably this has generated a lot of questions so we’ll answer some of these for you.


Interview with Web Designer Tia Lush of Who Ate My Crayons

Tia from Whoatemycrayons

Working with a Web Designer is a fantastic way to create an innovative and unique website, without the hassle of building it yourself. Designers can not only make your ideas come to life, but can also provide great guidance and advice along the way!

We caught up with graphic designer Tia Lush of Who Ate My Crayons, a web design company based in Surrey. Tia has worked with a number of successful businesses using the Create platform and designed bespoke templates and styling to suit their needs.


How To Build a Website With Pages That Get Results

How To Build a Website With Pages That Get Results

The tips below can help you maximise the effectiveness of your web pages to keep visitors on-site and increase conversions. In this blog I'll cover some of the key pages of your website and provide tips on how to make them work better for you.

When assessing the success of your online shop, it's important not to just look at sales through your checkout. There is always more you can do to improve the website experience and provide the right information. Using tools like Google Analytics (starter's guide here), you can see which pages are successful landing pages and which lead to people leaving your website.


Review: Where To Find Fonts Online

Review: Where To Find Fonts Online

In this blog we're going to be taking a peek at a few great font websites and resources. Whether you want a wonderful text header or something to inspire your logo, the choices are almost endless.

Some are free, some aren't so free, but they're equally great, so please do have a look at the sites below! With these reviews you should find a font that really does reflect the personality of your site.


Top Blog Posts For New Businesses

Top Blog Posts for New Businesses

Starting your own business can be a daunting task, as there are lots of things to consider.

Luckily for you we’ve put together a list of some great resources outlining some of the most important elements of building a successful business.


10 Top Tips For Ecommerce Content

Content Marketing badge

A good content strategy is a crucial way for anyone with an online shop to improve the reach of their brand and get more recognition.

I've written before about getting started with content marketing and how to put together quality content on a tight budget, but there are some areas of content marketing that apply particularly well to the online seller.

Like any other marketing plan, from advertising to event attendance, there are numerous things to keep in mind when putting it together. Heed the ten simple tips I've provided below to ensure that you're not wasting time and money on ineffective content for your ecommerce store.


5 Free Data Analysis Tools To Help Your Online Business

Statistics Image

There are loads of tools on the web that could help you understand your business and industry more, and give you the knowledge to implement a beneficial strategy.

Sure, some are paid-for servces, and some of those can be very costly, but there is also a ton of completely free services that could put you in the picture. Below we take a look at several free online data analysis tools to help you with content strategy, audience analysis and keywords.


10 Tips For Preparing For Christmas Sales Success

Statistics Image

You might not be able to foresee the quality of the turkey, the reliability of the post or the vagueries of the weather this Christmas, but you can prepare your online business for Christmas early, leaving you time to get on with the card list and deciding which Quality Street to eat all of before anyone notices.

Below are our ten top tips for making the most out of Christmas, a time when online spending is up and the perfect opportunity to grab a load of new customers for the new year.


The Keys To Success For New Online Sellers

Tips Logo

It's incredibly exciting when that lightbulb of inspiration flicks on and you find yourself with an amazing idea for a business, but the moment you make that idea a reality and build a website and online shop to bring your business to the world is even more spine-tinglingly sensational!

The first few weeks of running your new business are crucial, so be sure to make every moment count and plan ahead. Below are a few points that I believe are the key to starting a successful business from scratch!


Ampersand Web Typography Conference Roundup

Font Blog logo

Ampersand is a one-day conference dedicated entirely to web typography. Now in its third year, the event, held annually at the Brighton Dome Corn Exchange, addresses the current technologies and emerging methods of working with type on the web with a host of well-regarded web designers and typophiles.


Choosing A Font For Your Website

Choosing Fonts Image

Fonts, typefaces, faces - whatever you want to call them, they are integral to website design.

Below I'll be looking at some of the most popular font choices for websites, discussing legibility and suitability, and talking a bit about exciting new developments in Web Fonts.


The 'Do's & 'Don't's of Website Photography

Photography Blog Logo

Quality photography can make all the difference to your website and online shop, from your home page, where your site visitors first form their impression of your website, to your product and category images, where your customers will make the crucial decision whether to purchase your goods or not.

Below we look at some examples of photography on websites and offer some general tips on how to take great pictures and the sort of tools that will help.


Andy's Design Tips: How To Design A Logo

Design Tips logo

Great, memorable and recognisable logos aren't just for big brands with millions of pounds to spare. With a bit of brainstorming and sketching it's possible to create a unique design that tells your audience the story of your business in a split second.

Here I'll be looking at why having a good logo is important for your business and brand and what a successful logo should consist of.


Comprehensive Guide to Start Using Website Analytics

Stats Graphic Image

To fully understand the success of your website, and to discover which elements of it are working best when improving it, it's critical to study the statistics of your website when making business decisions. This practice is known as 'analytics'.

In order to get these statistics you'll first need to add an analytics tool to your website. There are many free analytics tools available online that are easily attached to your website. We've written guides on how to add Google Analytics and StatCounter to your Create website in our HelpCentre.


Spam: How To Stop It and Stop Looking Like It


In last week's article about spam and scams I talked about how to defend your inbox and your business from potentially dangerous spam. I hope my tips, remembered with the handy mnemonic 'we hate spam', have helped you spot spam from a mile away.

Today I'll talk some more about that, but also I'll look at the other side of the coin. If everyone else is being increasingly wary about spam, how you do make sure that the emails you're sending to your customers aren't suffering the same fate as the dreaded spam?


Recognising Spammers & Scammers: A Lesson in Self Defence

Spam or not

I love the internet. I really do. However there are some people out there who spoil it for the rest of us, namely spammers, scammers and fraudsters. I’d like to talk about fighting back against these internet irritators, who seem to be hitting our inboxes and contact forms more than ever.


Spring Clean Your Site This Easter

Spring Clean Your Site

With the sun finally showing its face, we can start to get on with the important business of being able to see just how many layers of dust have piled up on our mantelpieces, and thus embark on the annual Spring Clean. But spare a thought for your website, sitting online and working hard to get you customers. Perhaps it's time to get siteproud as well as houseproud?


Andy's Design Tips: Creating a Great Layout

Design Tips

The way you choose to lay out your website can make a big difference to its overall success.

Layout helps to determine how beautiful the site looks, how easy the content is to read and the quality of the experience that users have when visiting your site.


10 Top Tips For Customer Satisfaction

Love Your Customers!

Happy Valentine's Day! We know it's as important to give love as to receive it so we've treated you, the faithful Create blog reader, with a single red rose and a bunch of lovey-dovey bits and bobs.

Not only can you update your site with a fresh, new romantic look thanks to our seasonal freebie graphics and get your gift fix from our Valentine's Day Pinterest Board but below I've prepared some of my top tips on showing your customers a bit of love and providing them with the best service and satisfaction you can.


Ready to Publish Your Website? Read These Tips First!

Going Live?

So you've built your Create site and you think it's ready to go live. Nicely done! But before you hit that 'Publish' button, make sure you've considered the important points and tasks below.

They're easy to forget to do in the excitement of getting your site on the web, but they'll make a huge difference to your site and how your visitors use it.


Don't Make Your Site a Maze... Make It Amazing!

Site Navigation

Usability has a major impact on the ability of websites to build dedicated customer bases who keep coming back to an enjoyable and rewarding experience. It incorporates every aspect of a website and begins the first time a customer lands on the homepage.

As a website developer/owner you want your visitor to be instantly engaged and able to successfully navigate to their desired goal, be that to learn more about your business or to purchase the product they're looking for. This first impression can start a relationship between your website and your visitor that lasts for years and it's integral to your business's online presence.


How To Choose The Right Colours For Your Branding

Design Tips logo

Choosing the right colours is key to a great website. A great colour scheme will get people interested in your business and returning to your website. Get it right and you'll create an enjoyable experience for your visitors, but get it wrong and they'll hit the 'Back' button.


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