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15 Things You Didn't Know About Create

Ever wondered what it’s like behind the scenes at Create? Prepare to find out…


15 Reasons Why Create is Unique

As we celebrate 15 years of trading, we take a look at what we think makes us unique…

New Image Editor For Better Responsive Websites

using a tablet

So you've got a responsive site but what about your website images? Do you understand the importance of aspect ratios and consistency in your design?

Learn how using Pagebuilder, responsive templates and your new image editing tool will get your website looking the best it has ever looked. We dig deep into the advantages off all three of the new features together and explain some of the new ideas along the way.


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas From Create!

As we count down the last days of the year we wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. We have had a great year at Create and you, our customers, have been at the very heart of it all!


Happy Holidays From Create

Happy Holidays from Create

With only a week to go, and in the spirit of all things festive and giving we have two fantastic offers available for you to take advantage of this Christmas.


Build Customer Trust With Full SSL Encryption

Full ssl with lock and browser

Did you know that 80% of visitors know how to recognise the signs of a secure website, and they're more likely to trust sites with secure indicators? Take advantage of our new SSL upgrade and fully encrypt your entire website to build up your customer trust, boost conversions - and it’s good for your SEO! Read on to learn why SSL is essential for website security and how you can get it today.


Boost Sales With Our New Abandoned Basket Tool

Ever wondered how many of your visitors could have been potential sales? It's well known that large numbers of online shopping carts are abandoned, often lost forever. Want to capture those missed opportunities and increase your orders? Read on for a sneak peek of our new Abandoned Basket feature.


Connect Websites With Time-Saving Apps Using The Create API

The needs of an online business continue to grow, and with a wealth of data to manage and use, costs can skyrocket - but not with Create. Launching today, the Create API offers easy integration between websites and third party Apps, and it’s free!

The new opportunity can help businesses expand beyond their website, and even automate tedious tasks with just a few clicks. Read all about the new development and get connected with Create today.


Create: A Look Back Over Our 14th Year

The Create team all together

It’s hard to believe that yesterday marked the 14th birthday of Create. Here at Create we have been hosting the websites and stores you build, and cannot emphasise enough, how proud we are to see such beautiful websites go from strength to strength.

As we continue to stuff our faces with cake (you’ll know we do this a lot if you’ve seen any of our latest blogs!) we want to take a moment to reminisce over the past year and what we have managed to achieve with thanks to you - so join us as we take a look back and catch up on anything you might have missed.


Accept Credit And Debit Cards With Create Payments

create payments logo

Online shopping’s busiest time of year is fast approaching, and with excitement in the air we are delighted to announce a new, mobile-friendly payment gateway is now available! Secure, reliable and easy to use – “Create Payments” has it all. Read on and get started today.


New Website Templates - Velvet & Boutique

Velvet and Boutique type from new website templates

We’re excited to announce two new responsive website templates - Boutique and Velvet. Both these new templates provide a flexible mobile-friendly framework for you to build your website and are now available in the Design Studio.

Boutique has a clean, minimalist layout with delicate lines to define your content sections and Velvet has been influenced by a couple of our popular older templates Satin and Chrome. We have already spotted some lovely sites using Velvet and Boutique which we would like to share with you. Take a look at these websites for inspiration...


Pagebuilder Showcase: 5 Inspiring Websites

Creates pagebuilder example

We recently launched Pagebuilder, our brand new feature which allows you to drag-and-drop content blocks to build entirely responsive pages. It has been live across all Create accounts for a week now and we have been delighted to see how you have been using this new tool.

We’ve seen loads of fantastic new pages being built - here’s a few of our favourites.


Introducing Pagebuilder - New Drag And Drop Content Builder

Pagebuilder - Responsive Website Content Maker

"Pagebuilder" is a fantastic feature which enables you to build more responsive content for your Create site.

Build mobile-friendly web page by dragging and dropping content and building your pages using content blocks. It also enables you to add and edit widgets in situ, making it quick and easy to create page and maintain updates.


Sneak Peek - Larger Product Images for Categories

Category Image

If you're using the responsive grid layout for your product categories, you can now to choose form 4 different product thumbnail sizes. No matter which size you choose, the layout will respond the images to optimise how they are displayed, regardless of the size of screen your customer is using.


NEW: Bulk Delete Functionality

As your website starts to develop and your needs for different areas across the Create platform start to grow, we want to make the experience of managing your site as easy and time-saving for you as possible.

That is why we have released functionality allowing you to bulk delete certain items such as files, forms and images etc; that you no longer need.


Introducing the New Design Studio and Mobile Friendly Templates

Design Studio

We're delighted to announce the launch of our all new Design Studio today. Along with a brand new set of tools to create the look you want, the Design Studio includes a raft of fantastic mobile friendly, responsive templates for you to choose from.

Over the last week we've been gradually making the Design Studio available for current customers to switch to and, as a continuation of this rollout, if you are currently using Create's FREE trial you now also have the opportunity to switch over.

We've been super excited to see some of the fantastic new looks being created, here's a few that caught our eye - we hope you find them an inspiration!


New: Improved eBay integration with Create

eBay logo

Selling on eBay in addition to selling on your website has always been a great way to boost sales and expand your customer base.

With our eBay integration feature it's never been quicker or easier to link your Create website to your eBay shop.


New: First Data Payment Gateway Provider

We are proud to announce Create customers can now accept payments by all major credit cards directly on their websites with our latest integrated payment gateway provider: First Data.


Exciting Changes at Create!

Exciting changes have gone live at Create today! We've had a little bit of a facelift, and we hope you like it as much as we do!


Accept card payments with Barclaycard ePDQ

Exciting news! Create has teamed up with Barclaycard to bring you Barclaycard ePDQ gateway.

This gives you the opportunity of integrating with one of Europe's largest acquirers and processors of card transactions, with over 45 years’ experience and millions of customers worldwide.


Buy a .uk domain name now

.uk domain registration

Secure your .uk domain name today!

Shorter, snappier domain name extensions are becoming more and more popular by the day, ensuring that the emphasis is on your brand and company name rather than the extension, .uk domain names are soon becoming the industry standard for UK businesses.

.uk domain names are now available to buy through Create, if you own the .co.


NEW: Mobile-Friendly Website Template 'Pocket'

Mobile Friendly Website Templates Logo

Create is proud to announce its first mobile-friendly responsive template, Pocket.

Based on one of our most popular current website templates, Pocket is the first Create website template that allows a fluid and tailored experience whether its viewed on smartphone, tablet or desktop.

With mobile traffic accounting for 58% of online traffic in 2013 and mobile sales increasing by 63% on 2012 to exceed 45% of total ecommerce sales, now is the perfect time to make the switch to a mobile-friendly template.


New Features Round Up

New Features Roundup

We've got some very exciting updates lined up for Create users in the coming weeks!

In the meantime we wanted to make sure you knew all about the latest features, updates and payment gateways you can use to make your customers' experiences on your website amazing.

Take a look below for a quick look at each feature released in the past few months - be sure to check which features are available on your package, too. Have a suggestion for a feature? Get in touch at!


NEW: Show Off Your Products With Multiple Images

Multiple Product Images

Nothing can show off the best of your products as much as high-quality images and if a single image can say a thousand words then Create's new Multiple Product Images feature is an entire dictionary for your product pages.

This major improvement to your Create website also includes an update which means you can upload large high-definition images for use with your products as well as brand new, mobile-ready product and category templates.


NEW: Quick, Easy Payments With PayPal Website Payments Pro

NEW: Quick and Easy Payments With PayPal Website Payments Pro

Take advantage of the advanced features of PayPal Website Payments Pro and allow their customers to make quick and easy payments through their shop checkouts without having to leave their website.


NEW: Share Your Way To The Top With 'Connections'!

NEW: Connections

Using social media is a great way to engage with your current and potential customers, and with the new Connections feature from Create it’s now even easier to share updates and news across your social networks!

You can now link your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles to your Create account and share your website and blog updates all at once, whenever you publish!


Roundup of Latest New Create Features

New Features Roundup

Hi, Ian here, Create's Product Manager, with a roundup of the latest features we've launched for Create users!

There's something here for everyone, whether you want to see your site stats integrated into Create, your checkout more secure or your templates easier to design.

We've got even more features and promotions to release on the run-up to Christmas so keep an eye on the Create Blog and our Twitter and Facebook pages to be the first to hear about them!


NEW: Web Designer's Kit Editor

NEW: Web Designer's Kit Online Editor

We've always wanted to give you (or your web designer) the freedom to design your own templates for Create sites, and now, with the Web Designer's Kit Editor, it's even easier!

This new Editor makes it easy for you to create and edit the HTML markup and styling of your website's template from directly within the Design Screen on the Create application.

Lots of Create users have already made their own bespoke website templates with the powerful Web Designer's Kit and this update makes it a more seamless process, so why not join them?


NEW: Stripe Payment Gateway

NEW: Stripe Payment Gateway

Create is proud to announce its integration with payment services provider Stripe, the payments service that allows your customers to make payments without ever leaving your website.

The guys at Stripe officially made their service available in the UK in August of this year. We're happy to say that Create is the very first UK-based online shop builder to offer fully-functioning integration with Stripe to its customers!


NEW: Shared SSL Checkout

NEW: Shared SSL Security Upgrade

Nothing says safety and security like a trusty padlock, and with Create's new Shared SSL Checkout, you can ensure your customers are shopping with the extra bit of faith in your business that can make all the difference to conversions, repeat custom and business growth.

This e


NEW: Google Analytics Items For Your Dashboard

Google Analytics Dashboard Item logo

Understanding your website's success with Google Analytics is crucial to your online business. Measuring visitor numbers, where they came from and how they're getting to your site all contributes to a broader understanding of your current and potential audience.

And we've just made it even easier to get that crucial data in front of you! With the new Google Analytics Dashboard Items you can include tables and graphs from your Google Analytics account on your Create Dashboard, so you can get a better idea of how your website is doing each time you log into Create.


NEW: SoundCloud Widget

Soundcloud widget

If music be the food of love, play on... thus sayeth the bard. But what he didn't mention is the number of ways we can listen to it! With this great new widget from Create you can embed music from a SoundCloud page onto your Create website and allow your visitors a multisensory experience!

The new widget is easy to add, attractive and very intuitive to use, plus it's not just for musicians and recording artists - it can be used in a variety of ways to bring more personality to your website, as we'll see below.


Recent New Features Roundup

New Features Roundup

Hi, I'm Ian and I am the Product Manager here at Create. The past few months have been very busy in the Create offices and the whole team has been working hard on a host of new feature releases to help improve your Create website.

In case you have missed any of these exciting new feature releases we have put together a quick preview of each of these launches below and how they can benefit your Create website.

I really hope you are finding these updates to be a welcome addition to your Create website and we look forward to your feedback on these as well as the exciting new features that we will be releasing over the next couple of months.


NEW: Discount Codes Plus

Discount Code Plus

Customers love nothing more than a special discount! Perhaps it's a seasonal giveaway to your mailing list or a congratulations to a competition winner. Whatever the reason, discount codes are a great way to promote your site, achieve brand loyalty and increase sales.

Create's new update 'Discount Codes Plus' gives you more control than ever before over how a discount code can be redeemed in your Create store.


Create Recruits Fresh Talent To Development Team

Create Recruits Fresh Talent To Development Team

At Create we firmly believe in employing the very best and providing incredible opportunities in the online sector.

That's why we've expanded our tech team in order to develop and grow Create's website-building application for our over 10,000 customers.

Create is happy to announce that we've appointed Ed Bailey, Aidan Threadgold and Andrada Focsa as Junior Developers.

They've joined our Product Team and are already working to build powerful features for the Create system.


NEW: Rich Meta Data

Soundcloud Widget

You may have recently noticed some really nicely formatted social media posts on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook that feature easily visible product or event details accompanied by large, clear images.

We're happy to announce that when posting your Create website's URLs to these social networks, this info (what's called 'rich meta data') will now be included in posts. All you need to do is publish your website for these changes to take effect!

Find out what this all means and what rich meta tags can do for you below.


Wallpapers Update

Wallpaper Update

The background to your site is incredibly important, especially if you're expecting visitors using large screens.

That's why we've updated Create's Wallpapers feature to allow you to use large images as full-screen wallpapers by linking to an external URL.

Plus you can now take a look at your current wallpaper with ease from the Wallpapers Menu on your Design Screen!

Find out below how to get gorgeous, hi-res backgrounds for your website and online shop.


NEW: Page Duplication Tool

Page Duplication

Last week we brought you a selection of fab updates to Create's social media widgets, including Facebook Comments, Pinterest board embedding and a brand new Twitter Feed.

We're continuing to roll out new features and this week sees the launch of a handy new tool which is sure to be a great help to everyone building their website or online shop with Create: it's Page Duplication.

Put away your long-winded 'copy and paste', and learn the one-click way to make an exact double of any standard page on your website. Find out how to use this great new tool and what it can do for you below.


NEW: Facebook Comments, Twitter Feed & Pinterest Embedding

New Widget Features image

This week we're announcing some great new features to help you boost business and integrate social media into your site. With these awesome new and updated tools you'll be able to allow visitors to leave reviews on your products and comments on your pages through Facebook and embed your Pinterest pins, boards and profiles onto your site. We've also updated the popular Twitter Feed widget!


Create's Intern Andrada Talks Tech & Teamwork

Andrada Focsa

At Create we love offering people opportunities to advance their skills and careers in the tech industry. Andrada Focsa is a paid intern for Create, helping us building brilliant things for our users and improve the Create system even more.

We talked to Andrada about her achievements, experiences and her time at Create so far.


Create Signs Up To Support The Living Wage

Living Wage Brighton

Create have signed up to support the Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign. This means we have committed to pay all employees a fair wage to live on. In this blog Create's HR manager Bethan explains what the campaign is about and why we thought signing up was important.

Launched in 2012, the Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign aims to encourage local businesses to voluntarily pay all employees at least £7.45 per hour.

The Living Wage is calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK and is the amount that allows a person to live, rather than just survive.


Google Checkout Discontinued

Google Checkout Logo

Last month Google announced that they would be discontinuing their payment gateway Google Checkout, with the last transactions being processed on November 20th 2013.

This means that if you are currently exclusively using Google Checkout to accept payments through your Create store, you'll need to start considering an alternative payment gateway provider to replace it.


A Special Thank You From The Create Directors

Google Checkout Logo


Customer Services Catch-Up: April/May

Bukky and Chris

It's been a great couple of months in the Create Customer Services team, especially with the sun coming out to play! From new members joining to old members coming back, it's certainly been busy on our desk!

First of all we have two new Customer Support team members joining, so you'll notice some new faces on Create's 'Who We Are' page. Bukky and Chris both joined as new Account Managers in April and have settled in straight away, bringing new life and laughter to the team.


Customer Services New Year Catch-Up!


Although the New Year brought some snowy surprises, January and February have been productive months for the Customer Services Team. A little bit of snow couldn’t stop us testing a few new features and getting involved with some promotional ideas for helping others reach their New Year resolutions, even if we did find time to throw a few snowballs!

New Year's resolutions were on everyone’s minds in January and we were really excited to introduce Create Action: our campaign to get people to take positive action in the New Year, be that starting your own business or eating more healthily.


Create's Feature-Filled 2012

Create in 2012

From features that make it easier to browse and share your site to brand new site templates and shop checkout options, 2012 provided loads of great new reasons to be a Creator.

It's been a great year for community contributions too. Your stories grace the pages of our new promotional leaflet and our favourite Create websites are being showcased in 'Site of the Month'. Let's take a quick look at a few new things Create brought you in 2012!


A Look Back at 2012

Create in 2012

With a shiny new office, exciting events held at home and away and the welcoming of team members old and new, Create has certainly had a 2012 to remember.

While we're looking forward to an even more exciting 2013, let's take a moment to look at Create's best bits from last year.

If you like what you see, take a look at our jobs page. Who knows, you might find yourself in 'A Look Back at 2013'!


Happy Christmas from Create!

Christmas at Create

We don't know about you, but it's been a whirlwind year for us! 2012 saw plenty of features, widgets and payment gateways launched to help our customers build and maintain amazing websites.


Create Gets In The Christmas Spirit

Create Christmas


Facebook Shop

Facebook Shop is a brilliant, innovative way to increase your shop sales. The social network giant has over 800 million active users, that's 800 million potential new customers for you!

This feature is simple and intuitive to use, with 2 clicks, your Create shop products can be live on Facebook! The feature draws upon information already available in your Create shop and uses this to b

Sell on Facebook with new Create Shop Integration!



Shop Reports Released!

Shop Reports

Shop Reports has been released! Make sure you are up to date with your shop statistics by checking out this brand new feature.

If you have ever wanted to know your best selling product or how much profit you made in the last 24-hours, this handy little feature can tell you!


How To Streamline The Amazon Order Process

Amazon has certainly branched out in recent years and now finds itself as one of the foremost prominent ecommerce hubs.

For those of you already using its wide reaching customer base to sell your products alongside your Create shop, why not use our 'Amazon Order Importer' tool.

Available on the Shop Builder


New 'Web Designer's Kit'

We have just released a fantastic new feature called the Web Designer's Kit (or WDK).


Create your store now with a free 30 day trial.

Start your free trial