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Postage Rules for Northern Ireland

Since leaving the EU, customs processes have been introduced when sending items to Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK, as well as an increased delivery cost by some postage/parcel carriers. This has caused many small businesses in the UK to not only reassess their postage policies on the continent, but also closer to home. 

Whether you need to charge a higher rate for postage or you would rather avoid customs declarations and processes altogether, the need to be able to distinguish separate postage rules for Northern Ireland and Great Britain has become apparent.

We’ve made this option accessible to you in your Postage and Tax settings in your Create Shop. If you would like to have separate postage rules for Northern Ireland and the UK, or if you’d like to exclude Northern Ireland from your postage options altogether, this is now straightforward for you to do so.

Find out more about how to set up Northern Ireland Postage Rules >> 

Brexit is sure to present many small businesses new challenges that may be complicated to learn and adjust to. With regards to Postage between Northern Ireland and Great Britain, HMRC has only implemented temporary measures until April 1st when these measures will be reviewed again (Find out more about the latest measures).

We’ve worked to make this transition as straightforward as possible on your website. This update is but just one way we’ve done so; helping you to have the time to focus on the future of your business without the hassle of puzzling over your postage.


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