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HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is the type of code that has been standardised and is used to structure web pages.

Using HTML, you can define elements on a page such as your headings, paragraphs, lists, meta information and more; as well as how they are all positioned on the page. 

However, you are limited as to how much you are able to style the content or add functionality to a page. This is where other coding languages such as CSS and Javascript come in useful and complement HTML. 

With a website builder, like Create, it isn’t necessary to have any knowledge of HTML in order to build a website. You can simply get started with a prebuilt template and use Content Blocks to customise your pages. 

However, you can add custom HTML to your pages using HTML Fragments for additional functionality. For example, using a HTML Fragment, you can add a booking calendar to your pages using Calendly, or add a SoundCloud track to your site

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