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Dare we say it? Dare we...well we did! Christmas! It still feels so far away but as the nights draw in, the jumpers come out and mince pies become a staple food there really is no denying that it is well and truly on its way!

The run up to the 25th of December is the busiest time of year for online retailers and we are here to make sure you are ready for the festive rush. So dust off the tinsel, stock up your shops (and brandy!) and prepare for old Saint Nick to come say hell-ho-ho-ho!


1. Get Your Stock Ready

First things first, have you got your stock in or ordered? Expect that christmas rush, promote the heck out of all your products to encourage that christmas rush! Last year, on average, families spent over £800 on Christmas, and we want our customers to be part of that spend!

A great way to showcase your favourite products could be in a festive themed Featured Product Grid. Add this to your homepage so it’s the first thing your customers sees when they land on your website.


2. Make sure your Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy are up-to-date

Make sure you are covered! Ensure that you have up-to-date and detailed Terms and Conditions. Including making sure you are complying with the Distance Selling Laws brought in last year.

A nice thing to do for your customers would be to extend your refund dates. Some retailers offer as much as a full month after the 25th of December which of course allows them to return any presents given. Though we obviously do not want to encourage refunds, your customers will definitely appreciate the generosity with those extra days.


3. Christmas Content

Be a cheeky elf and decorate your site to ensure the festive spirit is definitely rife in your corner of the web.

Keep an eye out over the next month or so, we will be releasing some great free Graphic Resources! Christmas is a chance to be fun!


4. Postage 

Plan ahead and get your postage dates sorted now. Once you know the latest dates that are relevant to your customers, let them know. Make sure they know, (and you know!) when that perfect christmas present will no longer reach them in time. We would recommend adding these details to your footer, a side column, its own page - be transparent and be informative - your customers will thank you for it!

You could spread some further Christmas cheer by offering next day delivery. You will find that customers are often willing to pay that little bit extra to get their order the very next day.


5. Pre-Christmas and Janurary sales

Now, if mentioning Christmas in September feels weird, talking about prepping for your January sale feels even weirder!

It will be worth it though, prep as much as you can now so you can relax for a bit. Hopefully the next few months are going to be really busy ones for you. Put the time in now so that January is slightly less stressful.

Some things to consider could be: a discount code that runs for the whole of Janurary and a few weeks leading up to Christmas? Or a half price sale across all products? Get your thinking head on before the John Lewis ad is on our screens and that's all you can think of!


6. Get Mobile friendly in time Black Friday/Cyber Monday!

With more customers than ever accessing websites from either their mobile phone or a tablet, it is well worth making the change over to a responsive template if you have not already.

A great date to aim for if you are going to make the switch is the huge American Thanksgiving tradition of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The weekend after Thanksgiving (27th of November) sees prices slashed both in store and online.

The volume of customers using mobiles or tablets to make their purchases across this weekend in 2014 was around 50%, so if you have not made the switch over the a responsive template, now is the time! 

This weekend is a brilliant chance to offer your customers a flash sale just before Christmas, Affiliate Window have written this fantastic guide to help you prep if you would like to get involved. Each year it seems to get bigger and bigger, last year Black Friday and Cyber Monday broke all previous records so it is well worth being part of.


We hope you find these tips helpful, got any other Christmas ideas for your fellow online retailers? Add them in the comments below!

Wishing you all a well prepared Christmas.

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