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Why aren't all my pages showing on my menu?

As all Create templates are designed to be mobile-friendly, this means that depending on the size of screen being used to view them, certain menu items may not show. Indeed, each template has a limit to the amount of space that can be taken up with menu items, and the length of the titles will impact the number of items that can be displayed.

If you wish to show these pages on your website then you will need to create a side column and add links to these pages from here.

To do this:

  1. Log into your Create account
  2. Click on 'Design' from the top menu
  3. Select 'Side Columns' from the left-hand menu
  4. Click 'Add New Side Column Box' and choose the 'Standard' box option
  5. When you go to "Edit" a side column box you will see a small "Editor" screen.
  6. To add internal links to your pages first write the text you would like to use as your link, for example "click here". 
  7. Now highlight the text and click on the "Insert/Edit Link" icon which looks like a sideways eight on the top toolbar. This will pop up an option box, select "Internal Link" and then select the page you would like from the drop down list, click "Insert" and the text will become the link. 
  8. In order for the side column box to show on your website ensure that you select "Yes" from the drop down for "Visible on Site".

Once you're happy with your side column, you can publish your site to see the changes live.

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