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Updates To Order Management

Create’s Order Management System has undergone massive developments over the past few months. These updates are designed to greatly improve the usability of the feature and help you to easily process your orders wherever you are.

While the feature is set to be released in the new year for everyone, early access is available for Create Users who would like to try it out for themselves and take advantage of some of the great new features available ahead of Christmas.

Order Management Order Details

If you would like to try the updated Order Management System, please use the link below to register your interest:

Register your interest for the new Order Management System >>

Find out more about some of the changes that we have implemented below:


Updated Interface

Order Management Interface

We have refreshed the entire interface of Order Management to align it with the rest of your dashboard.

At a glance, Order Management allows you to quickly assess the status of orders through the use of colour coding. You can also apply filter options to your orders to only see what you would like to at one time.

Additionally, the payment type your customer has used for their orders is clearly visible on the right-hand side to help you quickly identify where your payment has been processed.

Usability has been at the core of Order Management throughout the whole of the development process and this new design has been built to help you more effectively manage your orders on a day-to-day basis.


A Foundation For Mobile Usability

Order Management Mobile Interface

The new Order Management System has laid the foundations for an improved, mobile-friendly experience for Create Users.

Many of our users have expressed a need to be able to check and update orders on the go. The new design has been crafted with this in mind. With collapsable menus and improved order selection, using Order Management across your devices has never been easier.


Bulk Order Updating

You are now able to change the status of your orders in bulk. To the left of each of your orders is a new check box feature that allows you to select multiple orders at once, which you can then alter all at once using the drop-down status menu.

This feature has been included by popular demand and will save Create Users a lot of time when managing their orders.



Register your interest for the new Order Management System >>

The new Order Management is still in its BETA phase and as a result, there may be some minor issues that you come across. We have made an option available to all BETA testers that will allow you to switch back to the old Order Management System if required. If you do experience any faults or have any suggestions you would like to share with us on this feature, please contact your Account Manager who will be happy to help.

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