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Transfer a over to us

If you wish to transfer your domain name to us then you will first need to ask your current registrar to change the IPS/ Registrar tag on the domain name to "CREATE".

Once this has been done the IPS Tag will then take up to 24 hours to change and during this time you will need to contact us Account Manager to let us know the transfer has been initiated. Your Account Manager can then complete the transfer for you and set it up with your Create account. Following this, your domain name will then take a further 24 hours to come into full effect.

Please note making these changes will interrupt any email settings that you currently have set up. If you do have any email settings set up but do wish to transfer to Create please do let your Account Manager know, as we will be able to provide you with email forwarding once the transfer has been completed. You can read more about email forwarding here.

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