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Klarna - The Flexible Payment Options Gateway

We’re pleased to announce that Klarna, the flexible options payment gateway, is now available to add to your checkout in Create. This convenient new payment option has been widely requested and will help transform how your customers pay for your products.

Klarna is a payment gateway that offers different options for your customers to complete their purchase. With Klarna, you can allow your customers to pay for their goods in split instalments, 30 days later or by finance. This can be very useful for shops with higher-priced items as it will empower your customers to pay in the most convenient way for them. This level of payment convenience could lead to higher-value baskets and improved conversion rates. 

Klarna isn’t just convenient for your customers. The gateway entirely handles the payment process, so you don’t need to get involved in following up on payments. You will be paid in full as soon as your customer checks out, regardless of whether they want to buy now and pay later. 

Izzjack sells eco-friendly products and aims to give their customers an environmentally friendly option for some of life's everyday products. Joanne, the owner of izzjack, explains how Klarna is a perfect fit for her website:

eco-friendly products for the home and body at


“The ability to pay in 30 days or in 3 instalments is a big help for our customers. Plus, it’s interest free! This makes it a better option than credit cards. Our customers can use the Klarna app to keep track of their purchases and their repayments.

As a retailer, you get the benefit of Klarna’s anti-fraud controls, and you receive the full purchase amount. You don’t have to wait for the instalments or chase payments in months 2 & 3. We are a growing business and like to give our customers choices that will hopefully keep them coming back again and again.”

Klarna is available at the checkout on IzzJack


Adam, one of the expert Customer Account Managers here at Create, has been managing the release of Klarna to make sure everything runs smoothly and as expected. He’s delighted to see it go live and says:

“We know that having support for a ‘buy now, pay later’ payment gateway has been something a lot of Create customers have wanted for a while, so it’s great to finally be able to offer this by working with Klarna.

In order to bring this feature to fruition I’ve been working closely with Joel, from our Technical Team and a small group of customers to help get the Klarna integration to the point where it is now, ready for all our customers to use on their websites. It’s been great to see the development of this feature and to see the final version being used.

We are very grateful to those that helped test this feature as a lot of the final integration is based on feedback we received during this stage and we hope your customers will appreciate seeing it as an option.”

- Adam (Create Account Manager)

Klarna is available to customers on our Business package. For more information, here’s how to get started with Klarna >>

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