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How To Issue A Refund With Create Payments

While we hope you won’t need to do it too often, issuing a refund through Create Payments is a quick and easy process for both you and your customer.

With Create Payments you are able to offer full and partial refunds from with your Create account! This means you can go into an order directly from your Order Management or your Create Payments dashboard, and refund orders in part or in full.

Refunds can only be processed when funds are available in your 'reserve' fund prior to settlement. You may wish to set up a reserve with Worldpay to ensure you always have a certain amount held in case of this situation. Please speak with Worldpay directly to enable this facility.

Should you need to refund a transaction without available funds please contact Worldpay customer services via phone 0870 366 1233 (option 6 for Customer Services - quoting your admin code) to arrange a payment in to your account - this will then cover the refund.

To offer a full or partial refund from within your Create Payments Dashboard please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Create Account
  2. Select “Shop” from your Top Menu
  3. Select “Shop Settings” from the left-hand menu
  4. Select “Payment Gateways” from this page
  5. Select “View Dashboard” within the Create Payments option
  6. Select “transactions” from the top tabs on this page
  7. Select the Transaction ID you wish to full or partial refund

To offer a full or partial refund from within your Order Management feature please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Create Account
  2. Select “Shop” from your Top Menu
  3. Select “Order Management” from the left hand menu
  4. Within Order Management, select the order you wish to full or partially refund
  5. Select the “Edit Order” icon
  6. Select the Transaction ID within the order information

From here you will see a "Transaction Details" box will pop-up, giving you all details on the transaction and the option to "Refund Transaction":

When selecting "Refund Transaction", you will find the option to either refund the entire order amount, or alternatively select the partial refund option and enter the amount you wish to partially refund. 


You will also have the option to set the order status to “Refunded”. Select this option if you wish for this status to change in your Order Management and Create Payments dashboard.

If you set the order to “Refunded” you will have the option to send an automatic email to your customer with the order and refund information. If you do not set this order to refunded, this email will not send:


You will then be presented with a final option to process the refund. Select “Refund transaction” to confirm.



This order will now appear in the transactions area of your Create Payments Dashboard with a "REFUNDED" or "PARTIALLY REFUNDED" status depending on the action.



Please note, you are only able to refund orders with the following statuses:


For more information on the statuses of Create Payments transactions please see the following guide.

Please do get in contact with your Account Manager if you have any questions about refunds or how to issue a refund.

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