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How To Add A Pinterest "Follow" Button To Your Website

The “Follow” button will allow visitors to your site to follow your Pinterest profile when they click on the button. This offers your website's visitors a quick way to keep up to date with your pins and activities on Pinterest.


Example "Follow" button.

To add this to your website you will first need to visit this page:

Once you have selected the “Follow Button” option on that page you will need to fill in the two fields that appear:

“Pinterest User URL” – This is the URL of your Pinterest account page, found in the white address bar at the top of your browser.


“Full Name” – This is the name of your profile. For example, “Organised Bride”.


When these have been filled out click the “Build!” button and follow the steps below to insert the first piece of code needed:

  1. Copy the code shown in the "Copy the Code" box.


2. Follow the instructions here to add this code as a HTML Fragment to your Create site and place it where you would like your “Follow” button to appear.

Once you have done this you will see your new Follow button on your live website. If you get stuck setting this up, or have any other questions, please contact your Account Manager, who will be happy to help.