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What is a Custom Block?

Custom Blocks allow you to add special functionality and features to your Content Pages such as HTML Fragments, Maps, Forms and more. This allows you to expand upon what you can achieve with conventional Content Blocks and gives you more creative freedom to explore what you can achieve with your website.

Custom Block Example

This content will need to be added/set up in your Content Section in order to be added to your Custom Block.


How to Add a Custom Block

  1. Log into your Create account

  2. Navigate to the Content tab in the top menu

  3. Click Edit This Page (the pencil icon) next to the page you would like to edit 

  4. Click the Add Block (+) button in the bottom left-hand corner

  5. Click the Custom filter in 'Blocks that include'

  6. Drag and drop the required Custom Element Block onto the desired place on the page


How to Add Content to a Custom Block

  1. Click on the  + icon at the top of the Custom Element Placeholder

Custom Block Placeholder 

  1. A modal will appear with a drop-down list

Custom Block Element Types 

  1. Use the list to select the kind of custom content you would like

  2. Click Done

  3. Click on the new Settings icon that has appeared over the placeholder

  4. A modal will appear with another drop-down list

  5. Select which Custom Element you would like to include and click Done

You can navigate to the Publish tab and select Preview to see your Custom Block in action 

More Questions?

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