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Google Category and Brand Default Fields

Having complete and up-to-date product information is a must for any ecommerce store. Often it is the case that the more detail you have on your product pages, the better the chance of that item ranking well in search engines.

However, it’s not always easy to keep on top of everything and filling out all the details on your new products takes time. This is why we’ve brought you some new default settings to make life easier when setting up your products. 

You can now set defaults for the Brand name and Google Category for all your products. The options you choose here will be applied to all the new products you add to your store and all existing products that don’t yet have any details in these fields. 

Many Create users are already taking the opportunity to update the Brand name default to the name of their business. This adds more consistency across their store and can help get their products found in search engines when someone is looking for products by business name. 

Google Categories help the search engine to identify what your products actually are and provides context that better helps them to serve your items in the search results for relevant keywords. 

Not only will these default fields help you to fill in missing product information and take care of a lot of information entry for you, but they can also help you get a massive head start with the set up for the Facebook Catalogue and Google Shopping; where having these pieces of information is required in order to have your products listed.

To update these fields:

1. Log in to your Create Account

2. Go to your Shop tab

3. Select Settings and then General Configuration from the left-hand menu

4. Select the Products tab

5. You'll find both these fields together about halfway down this Options page

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