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Can I show a live feed of my eBay listings on my website?

If you want to show a live feed of your current eBay listings on your Create website, you can utilise this handy free tool from Auction Nudge to do so.

To set this up, please follow the steps below:

  1. Head over to Auction Nudge's website here
  2. Enter your eBay username (your eBay Seller ID) in the left-hand box titled "Step one".
  3. Click "Show Me".
  4. "Step two" will appear, and you will be able to customise how your feed looks.
  5. Click "Refresh" until you are happy with your feed.
  6. Copy all the code from "Step Three".
  7. You can then paste this code into an HTML fragment and include it on any page of your website you can add text too!

You can read how to include a HTML Fragment on to your website here.

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