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Can I copy and paste content into my website?

You are more than welcome to copy and paste content in to your Create site, however, there are certain ways in which this will and won't work. Below, we have outlined what to do and what not to do when it comes to copying content in to the Create editor.


If you are copying text over to your website then it is strongly recommended that all formatting attached to the text is removed. Formatting is often added when typing up your content in programs such as Microsoft Word. If you avoid removing the formatting from your page, then this can lead to errors, slow load time and content appearing badly aligned on your page.

If you are copying text over from Microsoft Word or a similar piece of software then it is recommended that you remove the formatting.

Content Page:

This will need to be done externally using TextEdit on a Mac, or WordPad on a PC.

You will need to convert the text to plain text and can then copy it across to your Text content block.

Static Page:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to the "Content" screen and click the edit icon next to the page you wish to add your content to.
  3. Copy your content from the external source using the CTRL and C buttons (or command and C on Mac).
  4. Click the "Paste as Plain Text" icon in the toolbar (this looks like a file with a 'T' next to it).
  5. Paste as plain text mode will now be enabled. You will now be able to safely paste content on to your page by using the CTRL and V buttons on your keyboard (or command and V on Mac).
  6. Your content should then appear on your page without producing any error formatting.


Images are a big no no. Do not copy and paste images from anywhere, not only will the image not appear on your live website, but it can also carry over errors on to your pages.

We strongly recommend that any images that you wish to use on your site are uploaded via the "Images" area in your Create account. For more information on uploading images via the "Images" area, please click here.

If your images are hosted elsewhere and you have the appropriate URL's to host them elsewhere, then you can apply them to your site using the "Insert/Edit Image" tool in the toolbar of the editor (Static Pages only). Here you should see a field for "Image URL".


If you wish to copy over any shop content from a previous website, then this can be done using our Import/Export feature. Your shop data will need to be in .CSV format. You can find out more on obtaining and using the Import/Export facility here.

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