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What are Icons?

Examples of icons on a website

Icons give you a great way to share any of your Social Media profiles, provide examples of what features and services your company offers and compliment the design of your website.  

There is a complete library of icons to choose from in Create. Using the search bar, you can easily find and locate an icon that represents what you want to convey.

Library of icons for websites

Our Social Icons, Features and Icons and Text Blocks all use our Icon Settings and in this guide, we look at the different areas of the Icon Settings and what changes can be made.


How to Place Icons on your Page

  1. Navigate to your Content tab and select the Edit This Page icon

  2. Select the + in the bottom left corner

  3. The majority of Icons can be located under the Icon category 

    1. (Icons are also used in Cards, Contact and Collections Block types)

  4. Click and drag your preferred Block onto your page


How to Edit the Icon Settings

  1. Hover over the preset icon and select the Icon Settings option

The image settings icon in Create

  1. Scroll through the different icon options provided or use keywords to search through the library using the Search Icons bar

  2. Select your preferred icon and click Done


How to Add a Link to an Icon

  1. Hover your cursor over the icon and select Icon Settings

  2. Select the Link tab at the top of the modal

  3. Click Add Link

Link Builder options in Create

  1. Create your link

More Questions?

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