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Vanessa Plana

Vanessa Plana, Designer
Vanessa Plana Jewellery

" My (brilliant) Account Manager migrated my old website onto the new Content Pages with the new Willow template in two days. The result is an e-commerce website which looks great and is easy to manage. I love it. "

Jim Hartridge

Jim Hartridge, Manager
Susannah Cotton

" My latest upgrade is a vast improvement on the previous look I had. Ian has been extremely helpful and helped me switch over the site using the Website Conversion Service. It only took an hour or so and the whole site had been re-done for me. The whole website building process is highly user-friendly and the new template designs look really flash and contemporary. "

Juan Muguerman

Juan Muguerman, Personal Trainer
JSM Fitness

" Ian was very professional and knew exactly what needed to be done to improve the look and feel of my website. Since going live it quickly ranked on to the first page of Google and I've started to receive more calls and leads. I'd highly recommend using this service, and working with Ian was the best. "

Ailsa Black

Ailsa Black, Artist
Ailsa Black

" Ian took all the worry out of converting my website and was able to completely transfer all my content over in two hours. I then had a follow-up call and he talked me through the new set up and explained how to use the Content Pages. In the first two months, I had a 20% increase in sales compared to last year and my search engine ranking has steadily improved. "

Jo Gough

Jo Gough, Artist
Mementos of Home

" I have such a brilliant relationship with Ian - I entrusted him to carry out the conversion for me for a minimal cost. He then offered a free call to guide me through the new Content Pages and the results were amazing. I absolutely love my new website and my sales have definitely increased. "

Maggi Batch

Maggi Batch, Website Owner
Rocking Horse Heaven

" I must admit I was very apprehensive about the new changes but the expertise of Ian and his input was imperative to the end result and I would encourage any user that the Website Conversion Service is the best way to ensure your site runs smoothly. There was no interruption to my site during this process and the new tools and templates are easier to use, especially once Ian had explained how to use them. "