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How to Set Up WorldPay As A Payment Gateway

Please note, if you looking to migrate over from the discontinued Create Payments to WorldPay,  please refer to this help guide instead

Why choose Worldpay

WorldPay offers merchant accounts to enable you to trade online and give you access to multiple currencies and world-class fraud screening. Accept more payments by offering all major card methods as well as PayPal through your ecommerce store.

Create's shopping cart solution is ready to go with WorldPay. It's quick and easy for you to integrate and start accepting payments through WorldPay and your Create store.

How to set up WorldPay in your Create Account

If you are using WorldPay as the payment gateway provider for your online shop you will need to configure certain settings before your shop will work properly. Once your website is live on the web and you have an account set up with WorldPay you can set this up to work with your shop.

To do this please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Create account

  2. Click on "Shop" on the top menu

  3. Click on "Shop Settings" on the left-hand menu

  4. Click on "Payment Gateways".

  5. Click "Add New Gateway".

  6. Select WorldPay from the available gateways.

  7. Fill out your WorldPay account details.

  8. Select your available payment options from the "Accepted Cards" tab

  9. Click "Save Changes" to complete the setup.

Next, you will need to configure some settings in WorldPay which will tell WorldPay how to talk to your Create shop. To do this please do the following:

  1. Login to your WorldPay account using the username and password they have sent you

  2. On the left-hand menu click "Set-Up" and you should see an item that looks something like "54321 (Select Junior)". The number will be unique to you

  3. To the right of this click the settings button below "Integration Setup: PRODUCTION"

  4. In the "Payment Response URL" box enter  ""

  5. Ensure the box labelled "Payment Response enabled?" is ticked

  6. In the “Shopper Redirect URL” box enter the website address of your site followed by “/ourshop_thanks.html”. For example: If your site was at and your Shop File Name was "ourshop", you would enter into the “Shopper Redirect URL” box

  7. (Please note; if you have changed the URL of your shop from "ourshop" this will need to be changed here also).

  8. Click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the page

You can now start using WorldPay as your payment gateway provider in your Shop!

Secure Transactions

To add increased security to your transactions, you can fill in the optional ‘MD5 Secret’ field in both your Create and WorldPay accounts.

This data must be accurate and match both accounts to ensure orders will process correctly. You should fill in your MD5 secret answer in WorldPay (see screenshot below) – make sure you enter this again in the ‘Confirm’ field.

Your MD5 secret answer must consist of the following:

  • At least 20 characters

  • At least 1 capital letter

  • At least 1 lowercase letter

  • At least 1 number

  • At least 1 special character - for example !£$%&

The ‘SignatureFields’ content should be entered exactly as below:


Please save the changes in your WorldPay account and enter your MD5 secret answer into the ‘MD5 Secret’ field within your WorldPay configuration area in your Create account. 

This is the field to fill in:

Providing this information has been entered correctly, you have now increased the security for your transactions through WorldPay.

Test Mode

If you did want to place a test purchase through your WorldPay payment gateway you can do so by using "Test Mode". This can be turned on by going to your "Payment Gateways" area, clicking "Edit" next to WorldPay and turning "Test Mode" to "ON".

You can then use one of the credit cards from this page to complete the transaction:

Charges of Use

The charges of use for WorldPay is determined by many factors such as your business size and length of time you have been in business for. Therefore to find out these charges you will need to contact Worldpay on the following number: 0870 366 1290.

Accepted Card Payments

WorldPay accept the following credit and debit cards:

  • Visa

  • Visa Electron

  • Delta

  • Maestro

  • Mastercard

  • American Express

  • PayPal

  • JCB

If you require any further help setting up Worldpay with your Create account, don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager.

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