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How To Update To The Latest PayPal Checkout

Create now offers a new and improved PayPal integration for use with your website. The result is an updated integration offering the latest PayPal Checkout.

We recommend that anyone currently using the legacy PayPal integration updates their integration. You can see if you need to update as the following notice will be displayed next to your PayPal gateway.

To update your PayPal integration, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Create account

2. Click Shop from the top menu, followed by Payment Gateways

3. Click the Edit this payment gateway next to PayPal in the payment gateway list

4.  An Update your PayPal connection button will be visible, click this to begin the update process

5. A pop-up window/tab will open requiring you to sign in to your PayPal account. Once signed into your account and you have confirmed the details, you will be taken back to Create (which might be in a separate browser tab).

Your PayPal account is successfully connected should be displayed.

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