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Sell Event Tickets Through Your Website With Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor Event Box Plugin

If you are hosting events or workshops and you would like to sell tickets on your website, you are able to streamline and easily brand the entire process through your website using a
plugin called Ticket Tailor.

Ticket Tailor is a UK-based company that provides an all-in-one solution for processing ticket orders. They have the lowest fees in the industry for each ticket sold and if you’re providing free tickets, it won’t cost you a thing.

Every step of the process is entirely customisable and setting up the plugin is easy with Create. This guide will talk you through how to get started.

Create is part of Ticket Tailor’s affiliate program.

How To Get Started With Ticket Tailor

  1. Sign up to Ticket Tailor.

  2. Click “Add a new event” from your dashboard.

  3. Fill out your event details.

  4. Fill out your ticket details such as price and the number of tickets available.

  5. Adjust your event settings.

  6. Click “Save Event”.

  7. Select which Payment Gateway you would like to use to take payments and follow their setup process.

Please Note: you will need to complete Ticket Tailor's entire set up process at the top of your dashboard to send your event listing live.

How To Add Your Ticket Tailor Code To Create

  1. Click “Website Embed Codes” from the left-hand menu.

Setting up your Ticket Tailor Booking Widget

  1. You can customise your widget using the options in the top right of the “Set up a booking widget” box.

  2. Copy the HTML code from the box on the right-hand side of the preview.

  3. Log in to your Create Account.

  4. Select "Content" on the Top Menu.

  5. Click "HTML fragments" from the left-hand menu.

  6. Click on the "New HTML Fragment" button at the top of the screen.

  7. Give the HTML Fragment a description for reference (e.g. Knitting Workshop).

  8. Paste your HTML code into the large "HTML Code" box.

  9. In the “Type” section, select the “manual” option.

  10. Click “Add HTML Fragment”.

How to Add Your Booking Widget To A Page

  1. Select “Content” on the Top Menu.

  2. Find the page you’d like to add your Booking Widget to and click “Edit This Page” (pencil icon).

  3. Click the “Add Block” button

  4. From the Add Block filters, select the Custom filter in the 'Blocks that include...' category

  5. Click and drag the custom block you want, onto the page.

  6. Move your cursor over the Custom Element Placeholder and click “Add Custom Element”.

  7. Select “HTML Fragment” from the drop-down box and click “Done”.

  8. Move your cursor over the HTML Fragment and click “Settings”.

  9. Choose the HTML Fragment you made for your Booking Widget from the drop-down box and click “Done”.

Adding the Booking Widget in Content Pages

  1. Save your changes. When you publish your site, your Ticket Tailor Booking Widget will be visible on your page.

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