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Spam, also known as junk emails, are unwanted and unsolicited messages sent to a large number of recipients through email. These messages are often advertisements for products or services, but can also be phishing scams or attempts to spread malware

Spam can clog up inboxes and be a nuisance to sort through, and it is recommended to mark them as spam in your email client and delete them.

Spam can come from forms you fill in online. A website you enter information on may sell your data in order for others to advertise to you. It’s recommended to read the privacy policy of websites you plan to leave your email address with. This is so you know how they’ll handle your information and whether you may receive spam. 

These emails can also come through forms on your website. There are ways to protect against spam through Recaptcha and email filtering. However, spam senders are always looking for ways around these systems and it’s not guaranteed they’ll be able to block 100% of the spam emails coming through your site.

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