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Refunding Customers

There might be occasions where you need to refund a customer for a payment made to you through your website. If this situation occurs, then you need to process the refund via the payment gateway used to pay you.

It is not possible to refund customers directly from your Create Order Management.

For example, if you need to refund someone who paid using PayPal, then you will process the refund to your customer directly from your PayPal account where the payment was made. You can see the Payment Gateway used in the order overview, in your Order Management.

The process for refunding payments will differ depending on the payment gateway used. Please refer to the payment gateway refund support instructions, if you are unsure of how to process the refund.

After refunding the customer, we would recommend changing the order status to Refunded, in your Order Management, for your reference.

For further details on how to use Order Management and how to change the Order Status of an order, please refer to this help guide.

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