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Features Of The New Blog

Our team has been working on a much-improved blog feature set for Create users, which you can now access. The updated blog will allow you to easily create beautiful blog posts using the wide range of content blocks you are familiar with from your website content pages.

You can see a live example of the new blog here.

example of the new blog in a grid layout

Key Features

  • Supports the same content block functionality as our Content pages. Allowing for vast flexibility in creating visually striking blog posts easily.

    using content blocks to build a blog post in Create

  • Consistent brand styling your blog will share the same look as the rest of your website, resulting in a more uniform and professional appearance.

  • A wide range of different layouts are available for your blog listings and blog pages, with options to suit your preferred visual style.

    Screenshot showing the different Create blog layout options

  • Improved Post management area, easily view the status of your blog posts and gain quick access to their individual settings.

    screenshot of the new blog management tools

  • Features a new tag system to easily group posts together with keywords and help post-discovery. This allows you to link different blog posts together that might not be located in the same blog category. Visitors can view blog posts with the same tag, with one simple click.

For further details and instructions on how to use the new blog, please refer to this help guide.

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