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The Content Screen is a base from which you can access your editable web pages with one click, and also add widgets and features which improve the functionality of your site.

You’ll notice a Content Menu on the left hand side of the screen which provides access to your uploaded images and files and allows you to add widgets and edit HTML, but we'll come to this a little later.

Page List

This is the list in which all your website's pages will appear.

There are several different types of page, some of which, like the Blog and Contact Us page, come pre-loaded with formatting to suit that page type. So, for example, the 'Contact Us' page comes with an in-built Contact Form.

Note that the 'Shop' page represents your entire Online Shop. You can edit the content of your shop using the ‘Shop’ button on the Create Menu at the top of the screen. Clicking ‘Edit Page Content’ on your shop in the Page List allows you only to edit the Main Shop Page.

You can create brand new pages for your website by clicking ‘Add New Page’ at the top of the list.

Edit, Adjust Settings and Delete

From the Content Screen, you can make changes to your pages by clicking on one of the icons on the right hand side.

 Page Options Icon

Edit Page Options: This allows you to adjust the settings of the web page, for example whether it appears on your Main Menu.

 Pencil Icon

Edit Page Content: This allows you to edit the content of the web page.

 Delete Page/Section Icon

Delete Page/Section: This deletes the page or section from your website. Upon pressing ‘Delete’ you’ll be asked to confirm your selection, so don’t worry if you press it by accident! 

Arranging Your Page List

Along with showing your web pages and allowing you to edit them, the Content Screen also enables you to reorder your pages as you would like them to appear in your Main Menu. The first page on the list will appear at the beginning of your Main Menu, and pages at the bottom will appear at the end.To adjust the position of a page on your Main Menu, simply drag it up or down in the list. You’ll see a grey, dotted ‘Drop Zone’ which shows you where the page will be dropped once you let go of it.

To find out how to set a different page as your Homepage, read our guide here

Pages that aren't shown on your Main Menu

These pages are ones that you might like to direct visitors to from other parts of your website, but not necessarily the Main Menu. For example, if you have a "Terms & Conditions" page, you might like to display it in your Site Footer, away from your Main Menu, and then make this page accessible using text links.Pages that don't appear on your Main Menu are displayed as greyed out on the Content Screen. Although they don’t appear on your Main Menu, you can still reorder them on the Content Screen, which helps you to place similar pages together. To change whether your page appears on your Main Menu or not, click ‘Edit Page Options’ and set ‘Shown On Menu’ to ‘No’.

Note that each package has a maximum number of pages that can appear on your Main Menu and any un-greyed out pages over this number will not be visible on it.

Content Menu

The Content Menu on the left hand side of the screen gives you access to many useful areas of Create:

Add New Page/Section: Create a new page or section for your site.

Edit Site Information: Adjust information about your site, such as your industry, company name, contact details or Google Analytics Settings.

HTML Fragment: Add your own HTML Fragment to include on your site.

Widgets: Add Create widgets such as YouTube Video, Facebook ‘Like’ Button, Google Map and many more!

Images: Add, edit or delete images that you’d like to appear on your website (does not include product images for your online shop – you can upload these when you add products to your shop in the ‘Shop’ screen).

Galleries & Slideshows: Build dynamic, interactive ways to showcase images on your website.

Forms: Create online forms that you’d like your customers to fill in.

Files: Upload files that you would like your visitors to download, such as wallpapers or PDFs.

Website Users: Manage the people who can access restricted parts of your website.

Upgrade Now!: Subscribe to a Create package or upgrade your existing package to gain access to more features. 

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