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What is a Homepage?

A homepage is the default page of a website and is typically the first part of your website that users navigate to. It can also be referred to as a ‘Welcome Page’ or ‘Landing page’. 

Your homepage can be whatever you choose, whether it’s your ecommerce storefront, or a signpost to information on your site. 

We covered what makes a homepage effective on our blog. Find out more >>

Changing your homepage could not be easier on Create. This allows you the flexibility to swap between homepages while you make updates or test new options for your website in order to improve your traffic and conversions.

How to set your Homepage

  1. Log into your Create account 

  2. Click on the Content tab in the top menu

  3. Click on Page Settings to the right of the page you wish to make your homepage

  4. On the General tab, use the drop-down menu titled Use As Homepage and select Yes

  5. Click Save Changes to confirm

You will need to publish your site for these changes to go live

The homepage setting in Page Settings

More Questions?

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