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This feature allows you to receive messages from visitors to your website, whilst blocking unwanted visitors sending you spam. Messages can be sent to your email address and your Create account within the 'Your Enquiries' area.

Using a Contact Form Block

Adding a Contact Form

1. Login to your Create account
2. Click ‘Content’ in the Top Menu
3. Click the ‘Edit This Page’ (pencil icon) button next to the page you wish to edit.
4. Click the Add Block (+) button in the bottom left-hand corner
5. Select the ‘Contact Form’ block from the Block Selector

This will add the default Contact Form to your page. When this form is completed by your customers on your website, the email will automatically send through to the address you have in the ‘Site Information’ area of your Create account.

Editing a Contact Form

The Contact Form block comes with the option for your customers to enter their Name, Email, Phone Number and a message. You can edit the titles of these areas by clicking on the one you wish to edit.

You can also edit the text of the ‘Send Message’ button in the same way. If you hover over the ‘Send Message’ option, you can edit the ‘Button Settings’.

Within the Button Settings, you can choose the format of your button as well as the Thank You message that will be displayed to your customer when they complete the form.  

Once you have made the changes click ‘Done’ and then the ‘Save Page’ icon in the bottom left-hand corner to save your changes.


Using the Contact Us Page Type

How do I set up my Contact page?

When signing up to your trial you are given the opportunity to select a contact page. If you don't choose it first time round simply follow the instructions below:

1. Log in to your Create account. 
2. Go to "Content"
3. Click "Add a New Page"
4. Select "Contact"

What details can I include on my Contact page? 

There are a number of details that you can include on your contact page. To access these options please go to:

1. Your "Content" screen. 
2. Next, click the pencil icon for your contact page.

You will be presented with the following page:

You can now select the mediums that you want to display on your page. This information is pulled from your 'Edit Site Information' area. You can access and edit it by following the steps below:

1. Go to your "Content" screen from the top menu 
2. Select "Site Information" from the left-hand menu 
3. Choose "Contact Details"


What options do you recommend selecting?

1. 'Show Email Contact form'. 
We'd recommend not ticking 'Show Email Address'. This is because if your email address is shown then it is easy for spammers to pick it up and bombard you with unwanted mail. 

2. 'Show CAPTCHA...'
This also makes it difficult for spam to get through the form. 

3. 'Postal Address'
If you are selling items via long distance then this page is a good opportunity to get your physical address on your site, and fulfil that legal requirement.

Can I personalise the contact form?

You can indeed personalise the contact form. Simply delete the placeholder text and insert the text what you want each field to be.

You can also write your own Auto Response Message here.

Using a Custom Form or adding a custom HTML Thank You Page

You may indeed use a custom form instead. To do so simply select the relevant option as illustrated in the image below and see our help guide to get you started.

You may want to add an HTML fragment to spruce things up on your contact page. If this is the case then please select an HTML fragment that you have already uploaded to your account as shown below. Please see our guide on adding a HTML Fragment

More Questions?

If you have any further questions, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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