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How to Set Up a Facebook Shop

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Shopping on social media has become more and more prevalent in the past few years to the point now where it’s a must have for any growing ecommerce store. The Facebook Shop and Instagram Shopping features are essential to any online store owner’s marketing arsenal.

Create now allows you to syncronise and manage your stock across both Facebook and Instagram so you can take full advantage of all the opportunities on social media. This means that rather than having to build and update your stock and descriptions on social media, Create will relay all the information to Facebook for you on a regular basis.

The Facebook Shop will showcase all of the products from your online store. Each listing will link directly through to where your audience members can make a purchase on your Create website. 

Helping your customers to purchase from social media is now easier than ever and the Facebook Shop comes with a range of new marketing options and opportunities. Here’s how you can set up and get started. 

You will need to have set up your Facebook Catalogue in order to manage your products across these platforms.

Note: The above video is not reflective of the Facebook Business Suite updates. 

How to Create a Facebook Shop From Your Catalogue

1. Go to Commerce in the left-hand menu of Facebook Business Suite

Commerce section of Facebook Business Suite

2. Click on the Catalogue you created before

Select a Facebook Catalogue

3. Click Shops in the left-hand menu and then Go to Shops

Commerce Manager Shops

(Please note, if you intend to set up Instagram Shopping features in addition to your Facebook Shop, you can set this up at the same time. You’ll need to make sure your Instagram is connected to your Facebook Page in order for this option to appear)

Get Started with Facebook and Instagram Shopping

4. Leave the Checkout on Another Website option selected and click Next

Facebook Checkout Options

5. Select which sales channels you would like to set your shop up on and click Next

Facebook Catalogue Sales Channels

6. Select which countries and/or regions you ship to

Facebook Shops Region Selection

7. Review your setup and the Facebook Seller Agreement. When you’re happy, tick the box to agree to Facebook’s Seller Agreement and click Finish Setup.

Your Facebook Shop will now be set up. There will be a standard review process which usually takes around 24 hours to start tagging products and 2 weeks to fully publish your Shop.  

Shop Setup Complete

How to Set Up Facebook Shop Categories

Once your Shop has been set up, you can manage and customise elements of your Shop from your Facebook Business Manager. For example, you can create categories (or Collections as Facebook refers to them) from your Commerce Manager.

Categories are built using Sets in your Commerce Manager. These Sets can also be used to create selections of products that you can showcase in your ads later on. 

To create a set:

1. Go to Commerce Manager

2. Open the Catalog drop-down from the left-hand menu and select Sets

The Sets page in Facebook Commerce Manager

3. Click Create Set in the top right. You can choose whether to manually select the items you would like to add to your Set from your full list of products or use filters to automatically pick out items that meet your chosen criteria. These filters could be, for example, any products under a particular price or that have a certain word in their title. 

4. A new window will open. If you’ve chosen to pick the items for your set manually, select them from your list of products or use the search bar to find them.

If you’ve chosen to pick the items for your set using filters, use the filtering rules to pick out your products that fit the criteria you are looking for. You can combine multiple rules to get more specific in your selection

Manually choosing items to add to a Facebook Set
Building a Facebook Set using filters

5. Give your Set a name and click Create

Finished Facebook Set creation

Your Set will have now been created and you can now use it in your Shop design or in your Ad Sets. If you ever need to make changes to any of your Sets, you can come back to this page and click Edit Set to the right above your items. 


Adding Categories to Your Facebook Shop

Once you’ve created your Product Sets, you can then arrange them how you would like them to appear in your Facebook Shop. 

Facebook provides you with a number of options such as featuring a Collection, showing a grid of popular products or creating an image that links through to a featured product you want to promote. You can experiment with all these different options to create a layout that works for you. 

To add a Collection:

1. Click Shops from the left-hand menu.

2. Click Edit on your Shop

The Facebook Shop Editor

Your Facebook Shop Editor will open and you can now start to make changes. The sections added to your Facebook Shop are displayed in the left-hand menu. You can click on these sections to make changes, hide or delete them from your Shop.

3. Click the green + Add button from the left-hand menu

4. Select the layout option you would like to use to display your product set

Selecting your Collection Layout in Facebook Shop Editor

5. Select the Collection (your Product Set) you would like to feature

6. An extension to the left-hand menu will appear. Here you can rename your collection, swap the featured image, add a subtitle, change your text and button placement to your preference.

Configuring your Facebook Shop Collections

7. When you’re happy with your changes, click Submit and Publish in the top-right corner. You can also save your changes as a draft to come back to later if you’re not yet ready to publish your changes. 

The changes to your shop will be sent for review. This could take up to 24 hours for your changes to take effect. You can check the status of your changes at any time by going to Shops in your Commerce Manager


How to Tag Your Products in Facebook Posts

Facebook Post that has been tagged with a Shop product

When you’re happy with your Facebook Shop setup, you can start driving your Facebook audience to take action and check out your products. One of the ways in which you can do this is by tagging your products in your posts. 

This allows you to feature your products in images. If someone taps the photo you’ve posted and it includes a product tag, Facebook will show them the details of the product and link through to your Shop. This can be done on new posts or any of your existing posts.

Here’s how you can set up product tags:

How to Tag Products in a New Post

1. Start creating a post for your page as you normally would

Creating a Facebook Post to tag products from your shop

2. Once you’ve written your content and added a picture, select the cyan Tag Products icon underneath your image

3. Click on your image where you’d like your tag to appear

4. Search for your product and select it from the list

Searching for a product from your Facebook Catalogue to tag in your post

5. Click Done Tagging & Save in the bottom left

Completed Facebook Product Tag Setup

Your product will now be tagged on your post and anyone that views the post can click through to buy your product.


How to Tag Products in Your Existing Posts

1. Go to your Facebook page and click on a post you would like to tag a product in

2. Click the Tag Product icon in the top right of your image

Tagging an existing Facebook post with a product

3. Click on your image where you’d like the tag to appear

4. Search for your product and select it from the list

Searching for a product from your Facebook Catalogue to tag in your post

Your product will now be tagged on your post and anyone that views the post can click through to buy your product.

 Completed Facebook Product Tag Setup

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