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How to offer Fixed Price Postage in your Shop

Having fixed price postage in your shop can be great for your customers as it's quick and clear for them to see how much they will be charged, and also it encourages them to buy more items per order, which could help to boost your average transaction value!

A common addition that complements fixed price delivery fees, is to also offer free postage over a certain amount. Again, this can help encourage customers to order a few more items before checking out.

So you could, for example, offer "UK Shipping as £4.99" and then "Free Delivery on orders over £45".

Many large UK online retailers use this as their postage standards, such as, and

To set up a fixed postage fee in your Create account, first, you will need to head over to your Postage and Tax settings. To find these, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Create account.
  2. Click "Shop" from the Top Menu.
  3. Click "Shop Settings" from the left-hand menu,
  4. Click "Postage and Tax".

Here you can set up a fixed postage fee for anything ordered in your shop for each of your Postage zones. For example, you could set up a fixed postage fee of £4.99 for your UK home zone and then £8.99 for all of Europe.

You can read a little more about setting up your postage zones here.

To add your fixed postage fee, you will need to do the following on each zone you have set up:

  1. Click "Add Delivery Type".
  2. Add a title to the "Delivery Type Name" such as "First Class" or "Postage and Packaging".
  3. Then choose "Fixed" Price Per Order" under the "Charging Method:".
  4. Click "Continue".
  5. In then "Amount" field, enter the fee you wish to charge as your fixed postage rate. 
  6. Click "Add New Delivery Type" to confirm. 

Repeat these steps for all zones you wish to add your fixed postage too.

Then you can add free postage over a certain amount ordered by following the steps on this guide.

As a further tip, if any of your postage items are particularly heavy or awkward to post, you can always include the extra postage fees that it will cost you as part of the product's price itself. 

Setting up postage as a fixed fee is quick and easy to set up, it is also much more time saving than offering weight based delivery.

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