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How to control the Padding of Content Blocks

One of the many features of our Content Page type is the ability to control the padding of each individual content block. Padding is the spacing located around your block, with the ability to trim the padding across the whole block, or specifically from the top or bottom sections.

Controlling the padding of your blocks will result in a more concise website, with less wasted space.

To access the padding controls, click on the block settings icon located in the right-hand menu of the block.

Clicking on this icon will open the Block Settings menu, where you will find the padding controls in the Layout menu. You have the option to control the general padding of the block or you can toggle to control the top and bottom spacing independently, as shown below.

When adjusting the sliders, you will see the change take effect on the block right away. Once you have settled on your desired spacing, clicking “Done” will save the padding adjustments.

For more information about the Block Settings and the other features available to you, we recommend reading this help guide. 

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