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How do I show my categories on my main menu?

You can show your shop's categories as part of your website's main menu.

To set this up, please follow the instructions below:

Log in to your Create account.

  1. Click "Shop" from the Top Menu.
  2. Click "Shop Settings" from the left-hand menu.
  3. Click "General Configuration".
  4. Click "Categories" from the top tabs.
  5. You can set the "Show Shop Categories on Main Menu:" option to either:
    a. "Display as Main Menu Items", or
    b. "Display as Main Menu Items with drop-down Sub-Categores"
  6.  Click "Save Changes"

Your shops categories will now appear part of your website's main menu.

If you would like to set your categories to appear as a drop down from your shop page, please see our Help Guide.