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You can use the website footer is to display information which you would like to be shown on every page of your website. It appears below the main content of your page and is generally used to provide information such as social network profiles, newsletter signups along with other contact and general information.

The footer can be easily customised and includes options to automatically display social profile links, accepted payment card logos, a copyright notice and a newsletter signup form. The screenshot below is an example of how this content displays on a Create website.

How do I edit my website footer?

To edit your website footer, please follow these instructions.

1. Log in to your account and go to the "Content" screen
2. Click "Site Footer" in the left-hand menu
3. You will now be provided with the different options available to customise your footer content.

Custom Footer

The custom footer field will allow you to build completely custom content to be displayed using the standard editor. This can be a useful space for adding links to your terms and conditions, for example.


Social Profiles

From here you can set up your social profiles as icon links to be displayed in your website header, footer or both.

1. Click "Add" to be displayed a list of available social profiles to link to


2. Select one or multiple profiles to display and click "Add"

Social Choices available on Create Website Builder

3. Enter your username or unique url ID into the relevant field. If you have already added this profile through Connections, it will display in a dropdown under the input field. 

If a profile which you would like to use is not currently available, please contact your Account Manager to request it.

Newsletter Signup Form

This option will display a single form field which will allow your website visitors to register their interest in signing up to your website mailing list. You will be automatically notified of the email address to be added.

Accepted Card Logos

This option will display all of the payment cards that you accept through your Create website checkout. The list of cards is built from your selected options in your Payment Gateway setup.

Copyright Notice

This option will display your company name next to a copyright symbol and the current year. If you would like to edit your company name, please click the "Site Details" tab in "Site Information".


More Questions?

If you have any further questions, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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