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How do I create a grid of featured products?

The Featured Products Grid widget allows you to create a responsive grid of products which can be inserted into any editable part of your Create website. The grid allows a maximum of 12 products to be displayed and each image will automatically create a link to the product page, which makes this a great tool for promoting your best products.


Creating the Featured Products Grid widget

  1. Go to your "Content" screen in your Create account
  2. Click "Widgets" in the left-hand menu
  3. Click "Add New Widget" on this screen
  4. Click the "Featured Products Grid" option to create a new widget 
  5. You will now be provided with the setup form for this widget
  6. When you have finished adding your products. Click "Add Widget" to confirm.

Setting up the Widget

Title – Name your widget so that it is searchable within your account. This is only used within the Create application and not on your live website.


Overlay Background Colour – Select the background colour you would like the details of your product to display on when the product image is hovered.


Overlay Text Colour – Select the text colour you would like for the details of your product when the product image is hovered.


Products – Search your current products by title. Click the result in the dropdown to add it to the widget.


When a product has been inserted you can use the drag and drop handle to change the order they display in. 

This widget can now be added to any editable part of your Create website.

For Content Pages

If you are using Content Pages then click here to see how to add a Featured Product Grid using a Custom Block. 

For Pagebuilder Pages

Simply drag and drop the Product Grid Content block onto your Pagebuilder page.

For instructions on inserting widgets non Pagebuilder pages please read our HelpCentre Guide