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Guestbook Spam & Removal

The Guestbook has been discontinued for new customers since mid 2018 due to the high levels of spam that is able to get through the guestbook form.

Some of the spam we’ve seen is very unpleasant and can be upsetting for website owners. It is our recommendation that if you use the Guestbook you delete it from your website.

Spam through the form occurs because Google’s reCaptcha service (that annoying box that asks you to read some house numbers at the bottom of contact forms) is being beaten by artificial intelligence. Unfortunately as artificial intelligence gets better it can be programmed to understand the reCaptcha forms and other tests in the same way that we can and for the moment spam is unfortunately here to stay. Read more about how this happens here.

If you are experiencing a problem with spam through your Guestbook we recommend removing the page (especially if you don’t really use it or don't have any website visitor comments). If you do use the Guestbook to show customer testimonials, save your testimonials to a document and check out our guide on how to make a testimonials page with Content Maker. 

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