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Create Payments Closure on 13th October 2022

As the recent Payment Services Directive (PSD2) brings into force new and improved customer authentication methods and regulations we must say goodbye to Create Payments and introduce a new Worldpay gateway to replace it.

The new gateway will provide full 3DS2 authentication to provide additional protection for you against fraudulent transactions and improved customer experience during this process.

We have been working closely with Worldpay over the last few months to implement this new payment facility into the checkout and it is now processing payments 

Over the past four weeks email invitations have been sent to all store owners processing debit and credit cards with Create Payments. This invitation included information on how to migrate to the replacement gateway. If you've been unable to migration before the 13th October please let us know and we can ask a member of the Worldpay team to reach out to you and begin this process. 

As the Create Payments service has been withdrawn it has been automatically turned off for stores and no new payments are being processed. All reporting for recent orders before the deadline is still still available. We will provide an update for when this information will be removed in due course. 

If you have any concerns about this process please do drop us an email and we’ll be happy to help.


Frequently Asked Questions


When will Create Payments stop processing payments?

The deadline for 3DS2 use is mandated from the 14th October 2022 so the last date payments will be processed will be 13th October 2022.

How will I access my Create Payments information after this date?

At the current time information on orders processed throught Create Payments will be accessilbe through the Create dashboards, there is no change to this access. 

How will I process a customer refund through Create Payments after the 13th October?

As above, if you need to process a refund with Create Payments you will be able to do this through your dashboards in the Create app.

It is likely you will need to maintain your Create Payments reserve in order to be able to process refunds. When you are happy that no further refunds will be necessary Worldpay will refund your reserve at your request.

Will my reserve fund for refunds be transferred to the new gateway?

The reserve fund will be maintained on your Create Payments account in case you need to use it to make a refund. When the Create Payments account is closed the reserve will be transferred back to your bank account. It may be possible to transfer the fund to your new Worldpay account and we recommend speaking to a Worldpay representative in regards to this process.

Will my card processing costs be changing?

In the email Worldpay sent recently to all Create Payments users they wrote the following, “once you have migrated to the new gateway, the rates for your online gateway transactions (excl. VAT as applicable) will remain the same.”

I no longer require Create Payments and don’t wish to migrate, do I need to do anything?

No, the contract with Worldpay for Create Payments is ending on the 14th October 2022. If you do not migrate over, this will end automatically and no further action is required.


I've received an email saying no payments have been processed and my account will close. How do I keep it open?

Worldpay are closing any accounts they believe to be inactive and no longer in use. If yo've received an email explaining this is happening to your account but would like to keep it open please call their team on 0115 8284 034 as soon as possible ahead of the closure date of the 14th October 2022  so they have plenty of time to carry out any related activities and ensure you are set up to migrate to the Worldpay Ecommerce Gateway

More Questions?

If you have any further questions, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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