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Connect Your Shop to Royal Mail Click & Drop

Are you tired of inputting all your order information into Royal Mail Click & Drop? Constantly saving and uploading order spreadsheets to their platform each day? Or even perhaps still writing out postage labels and enduring the regular post office lines and tedium? We’ve got a solution that we know you’re going to love. 

Our Royal Mail Click and Drop integration takes the hassle out of getting your orders ready to be posted out to your customers. We’ve created an automation that sends the delivery information from your orders straight to your Royal Mail Click & Drop dashboard without having to manually import any spreadsheets or relay any information between platforms yourself, which can easily eat into your valuable time. 

From your Royal Mail Click and Drop dashboard, you can print off all your orders in one go, manage your deliveries and get regular shipping and tracking reports; making dispatching faster and more convenient than ever and saving you time. 

You can also print your postage labels at no extra cost at a Royal Mail Customer Service Point, and with their business account, there are potential cost saving on the delivery fees too (dependent on your usage).

The Royal Mail Click & Drop Dashboard

For any growing ecommerce store, time is one of your most valuable assets as more and more customers, suppliers and day-to-day admin demand your attention. Postage shouldn’t be one of these daily trials. That’s why we’re delighted to offer this automation that will free up more time for you to focus on the tasks that move your business forward and help to balance your schedule.  

Carolyn Grant is a glass artist based in Cheshire.  She runs CeeGee Jewellery, a successful online store selling her stunning handmade lampwork glass and silver jewellery designs. Here's what she told us about Royal Mail Click and Drop:

“I started using Click and Drop on an ad hoc basis during lockdown last year to avoid going to the Post Office. Most of my orders are sent via First Class post and fit in a standard post box, so it made sense to print the postage at home. Having it linked to my Create account makes it really easy.

I sell through multiple online shops, so they now automatically feed into my Click and Drop dashboard, meaning I can see all of my orders in one place. Previously I was copying and pasting addresses from various platforms onto labels to print out, whereas now it's very straightforward to allocate and print off postage for multiple orders in one go. It saves me time and reduces the likelihood of mistakes. As I send all my international orders via a tracked service, it's great to have the tracking number generated and saved against my order, rather than juggling and filing endless receipts. It also shows me what information I need on my customs forms. I just take the package to be scanned into the system at the Post Office.

It has really streamlined the whole process for me and I would definitely recommend giving it a try.”

-Carolyn Grant

Ceegee Lampwork Glass Jewellery

Julie Williamson is a designer / maker based in the Shetland Islands. There, she draws inspiration from her surroundings and nostalgic tales to create beautiful homewares and accessories that she sells through her website. Julie also shared her thoughts on the Royal Mail Click & Drop service:

"Royal Mail's service over this past year has been excellent! Since Click and Drop, I can now print out labels easily at home and also select free pick up. The postie collects up to 5 packages daily from my home, saving a trip to the post office and fuel costs (also greener with less travel). I have two young children too, so it also saves me having to drag them out to the post office, and frees up a little more time to spend with them or on my business.

I can also get compensation with Royal Mail so I know if a package gets damaged I have a little backup, and can track the package through the Royal Mail app so I know myself if the package has been delivered or been lost, etc. It gives me much more reassurance.

So yes I can’t rate Royal Mail enough and their services."

-Julie Williamson

Julie Williamson Design Website

At Create, we know how busy a small business owner's day can be. That’s why developing features that help you to operate more effectively and get more out of what you want to do out of your day is one of our top priorities. Especially in the run-up to the festive season where taking the time to go to the post office can eat huge portions out of your day.

Joel, one of our expert Developers who worked to build the Royal Mail Click & Drop integration for Create Users, shared his thoughts on bringing the feature to life:

"Knowing that our users were already using Royal Mail Click and Drop to deliver their products, and seeing how much of a time consuming, manual process it was, it made a lot of sense for us to implement Royal Mail’s new API to automate some of this process for Create users. 

Having the opportunity to make that experience as seamless as possible has been great. We’ve worked closely with our users, who have provided fantastic feedback and details on their individual workflows to ensure the work we do helps solve specific problems as best we can. 

It can be tricky finding solutions that work for everyone, but that’s also part of what makes working on features for Create such a rewarding challenge."

Royal Mail Click & Drop is available to customers on our Business package. For more information, here’s how to get started with Royal Mail Click & Drop >>

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