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An Introduction to Image Settings with Content Pages

You can access the Image Settings for any image used on our Content Pages. The Image Settings allows you to replace the stock image, with one of your own. Along with accessing various features and settings of the image, as covered below.

Accessing the Image Settings

To access the image settings, whilst editing a page, place your mouse cursor over any image and you will see the Image toolbar appear. The first icon is the Settings icon, click this to access the Image Settings for that image.

image settings toolbar

After clicking the Settings icon, the Image Settings modal will open, as shown below.

image settings modal

Image Selection

This option is where you choose the image you would like to be used in this block. By default, there will be a placeholder image, but you can replace this with your own image - just click the Select and this will open the Image Library. Here you will see any images already uploaded or you can upload a new image to use.


Alt Text

In the image settings section you can easily add your Alt Text for the image. They are used primarily for screen readers to relay what is in an image to those who can’t see it. However, they are also used by search engines to understand your content better, and as a fallback (in case your image can’t load for some reason). You can learn more about Alt Text here.


The Lightbox option makes your images stand out. This is perfect for your more detailed images or when you want your customers to be able to get a better view or close-up of your images. Just toggle on the Open in Lightbox switch and when your visitor clicks the image, they’ll open up in a larger version on your website.


Aspect Ratio Tool

Using this tool you can alter the aspect ratio of an image. This is great when you want to focus on any particular details. The Aspect Ratio tool gives you multiple opportunities to showcase your images in a way that best suits the page it's being displayed on.

Set your preferred aspect ratio by choosing from the drop-down menu. Several different options are available making sure you’ll find the perfect setting for your image.

Please note that when you are using this feature, the image is not being cropped, only the visible area of the image is being changed.

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