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An Alt Tag (also known as Alt Text) is a textual description of a visual element on a webpage, such as an image or infographic. 

They are used primarily for screen readers to relay what is in an image to those who can’t see it. However, they are also used by search engines to understand your content better, and as a fallback (in case your image can’t load for some reason). 

Not every image on your site needs an Alt Tag. As a general rule, if your image only serves decorative purposes, it doesn’t need an Alt Tag. If an image supports and compliments the content on your page, it should have an Alt Tag.

When creating an alt tag for an image, you should only describe precisely what you can see in the image and in as much detail as 125 characters will allow. This is the typical character limit that screen readers will read up until. 

Alt tags can be easily customised for the images in your site on Create. Find out how to add Alt and Title Tags to your images >>

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