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An Introduction To APIs

What is an API?

An Application Programming Interface (or API) is a way for two web pages and/or pieces of software to communicate with each other to streamline ordinary or day-to-day tasks. An API works as a middleman, taking the request from one piece of software, and then replying with the appropriate response from the other.

A common example of an API is a sharing button on a blog. Using a Facebook or Twitter API for example, your website visitors are able to share the content from your website to their social profiles via the use of an API. 

When they click the sharing button, the website sends a request to allow them to post the content on their profile. The social media platform then responds by posting the update on the website visitor’s social media account.

APIs can be used for all manner of different purposes and can help automate or simplify day-to-day tasks. If there isn't already an API for what you're looking to do, it is also possible to create one yourself.


The Create API

The Create API opens up the possibility to streamline a number of tasks in the day-to-day running of your business by allowing for the easy creation of Apps. For instance, an App could be set up using the API to automatically transfer your shop orders into your accounting software.

As a Developer

As a Developer, you have the option of creating Apps for yourself or your client and making these publicly available to Create customers as well. To learn more, and to read our Developer Documentation, see our API Information for Developers guide.

As a Create Customer

As a customer of Create, you can take advantage of publicly created Apps built using our API or work with a developer to create your own. Please see our API Information for Customers guide for more information.

More Questions?

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