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How To Add Google Maps To Your Website

Having a website is a great way of bringing business into your physical location. To help customers locate you even quicker, you can easily include a map on your site - as part of your contact page for instance.

To add the Google Map to your website, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Create account
  2. Click 'Content' in the Top Menu
  3. Click ‘Edit This Page’ (the pencil icon) next to the page you are going to edit
  4. Click the Add Block (+) button in the bottom left-hand corner
  5. Select the ‘Contact' from the Block Selector drop-down
  6. Select one of the Map options

6. When you hover over the map you will see the ‘Map Settings’ option - click on this.

7. Enter the location you wish the map to show.

8. Click ‘Done’ then and the ‘Save Page’ icon in the bottom left-hand corner to save your changes.

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