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How do I add Cookie Consent to my website?

Cookie Consent by Popupsmart is a free, customisable Cookie Consent pop-up that you can build yourself in only a few minutes.

In this Help Guide, we will be looking at how to add their Cookie Consent Code to your website.


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Making the Popup and Getting the Cookie Consent Code

1. Go to and click Simple Cookie Consent. You will then be led to the first step in the Cookie Consent Popup Creator.

Popupsmart Cookie Consent


2. The first step you will need to choose the position and layout of the banner. Here you will be setting where on the screen the banner will appear and how it will look. After setting this, click Continue.

Popupsmart Cookie Consent creator


3. In the next step, you will choose a colour palette for the cookie pop-up. After selecting the colour, click Continue.

Popupsmart Cookie Consent colour select


4. The next step is to alter the text content which will be displayed in the pop-up. Default text will be provided, which you can alter. You can also add a link to a privacy policy page if you have one. After setting this, click Continue,

Popupsmart Cookie Consent text edit


5. The next option gives you the opportunity to choose when the pop-up will display. We recommend selecting the 5 seconds option, then click Continue.

Popupsmart Cookie Consent timer display


6.  Finally, you will be provided with the code for your cookie banner. Click the Copy Your Code button to copy this code to your device clipboard. This code will need to be pasted into an HTML fragment in your Create account.

Popupsmart Cookie Consent html code

Adding the Code to Your Website

With websites built through Create, you can add your customised cookie consent to your website following the simple steps below. If your website isn’t built with Create, you will need to find out how to integrate the embed code into your website through your hosting provider. 

Here’s how to embed your cookie consent on your Create website:

1. Login to your Create Account

2. Click Content in the Top Menu

3. Click HTML Fragments in the left-hand menu

4. Click the green Add HTML Fragment button

5. Name the HTML Fragment Cookie Consent under Description and paste the code you copied into the HTML Code box

6. For the Type, select Body

7. Click Save Changes

In order for the code to go live on your website, you will need to re-publish your website. After re-publishing, please allow about 10 minutes and then the cookie consent banner should display on your website.

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