Gifts of Clothing & Accessories

From gorgeous one of a kind designs, to eco conscious buys.... 

A laminated yellow shoulder bag featuring a deer and woodland patterns

Cross over bag in laminated cotton with a woodland design handmade by Cosima's

A person wearing a charcoal and pink cashmere knitted hat

100% Cashmere knitted hat in charcoal & pink handmade by The Feminine Touch

A person outdoors wearing a vibrant blue dressing gown with a white swallow pattern

100% Cotton Men's dressing gown in blue hand printed design from Susannah Cotton

A person wearing a long bright floral nightgown with pink accents

Floral Garden pure cotton wrap around dressing gown from Victoria Goss

A black brolly and brolly back with a white mushroom pattern

Waterproof brolly bag in an stylish black fabric handmade by The Craftee Fox

two white sneakers, denim shorts, a hat and a plain light blue hoodie featuring the text "Always tired"

"Always Tired" Chunky Cross Neck Hoodie by Paperlily Designs

A person wearing a long white scarf with an abstract flower pattern

Monochrome Hand Painted Abstract Flower Viscose Scarf by Xander Kostroma

A plain white sweatshirt featuring the text "My strength is far greater than my struggle"

"My strength is far greater than my struggle" Sweatshirt by

A blue tote bag featuring a ram, lamb and dog in Dawn Maciocia's distinctive collage art style

Ram-a-Lamb-a-Ding-Dong Plush Tote Bag by Dawn Maciocia

A plain white tee featuring the text "Between the pages of a book is a wonderful place to be"

"Between the pages of a book is a wonderful place to be" T-shirt by Miss Bohemia

A person with long black hair wearing a soft cream velvet crochet scrunchie

Handmade Soft Cream Velvet Crochet Scrunchie by Elisha Francis

A denim jacket featuring two name patches, Emma and Abigail in a flourish font

Pink and White Personalised Embroidered Name Patch by Patches UK

A baby wearing a two striped white and grey teddy hat

Two striped white and grey baby teddy hat from
Knicky Knitwear

A person wearing a grey scarf with pale grey stars

Beautiful, luxury scarf in grey with pale grey stars from Cornish Magpie

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Two hoop earrings with a floral pattern


Two ceramic light green tealight houses

Home Comforts

three bars of patterned soap in blue and purple colours

Well Being

Two illustrated lbbsters touching claws in a heart shape with a gold heart featured in the center


A brown daschund wearing a red collar on a red lead outdoors

Animal Lovers

An assortment of crafty supplies scattered on a table around a journal featuring a page of collage

Crafts & Making

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