Sustainable Gift Ideas

Make a positive impact with your shopping choices with our sustainable Gift Guide. This guide is home to small businesses committed to environmental sustainability and making positive impact in their communities and beyond. Discover a curated selection of independent sellers offering unique and beautiful items – perfect for meaningful gifts that align with conscious practices and ethical values. Join us in supporting a future where every purchase makes a difference

Vicky Callender Jewellery

Vicky Callender and one of her gold, purple gemstone rings

Vicky creates beautiful fine jewellery inspired by nature while going above and beyond to make sure she’s working with responsible suppliers who trace the journey of the materials she uses. Sustainability is meticulously built into each step of the production of her items.

If you’re looking for an inspired piece of jewellery for the person  who loves nature and sparkle in your life, you’re guaranteed to find something gorgeous for them at Vicky Callender Jewellery.

"I continue in my search for greener ways of living and working. I make every effort to handcraft silver and gold jewellery in a way that keeps my carbon footprint as small as possible. I believe in slow fashion and in creating pieces that are of fine design and made to last." -Vicky Callender

Vicky Callendar Jewellery

New Pastures Home

Hywel and Dean featuring a Christmas display table of their festive candles

 Hywel & Dean from New Pastures Home have created a range of scent blends inspired by their time in the Middle East. They’re also passionate about avoiding harmful chemicals and steer towards natural alternatives. If you’re looking to add some warm ambience and delightful aromas to your home, New Pastures Home provide everything you need while also being as kind as possible to the environment.

'Our aim is to provide premium quality products to our loyal customers, whilst playing our part in reducing, reusing and recycling. Furthermore, we only source from certified sustainable suppliers who can prove they are vegan and eco-friendly. We value the importance of caring for the planet, other small businesses locally and internationally, and our customers (who share our passion), all whilst providing quality products and services. - Dean & Hywel

New Pastures Home

Jill Lawrie Greetings Cards

Jill Wells and one of her festive Christmas cards featuring a young girl holding a star and teddy bear

On Jill’s website, one of the first statements is “Life has to be fun, it should be interesting, a little bit silly, and at the right times sensible and organised, but never boring.” and we absolutely agree. 

All Jill's cards are printed here in the UK and they don’t come in plastic sleeves. Pick up a few cards to send kind sentiments to the special people in your life from a kind and responsible independent website like jilllawrie.

"I love the idea that after my cards have done their job they can be kept for shopping lists, bookmarks or anything else - or just put in the recycle bin to make something new. I also want to support other small independent companies, and support Britain at the same time” - Jill Wells

Jill Lawrie Greetings Cards

Graceful Deviant

Ellen Hooper featuring two of her pale seaglass necklace pendants

 On the Graceful Deviant website, you’ll find a beautiful range of different items for everyone’s tastes. Whether you’re looking for a charm necklace to symbolise a moment or a stunning seaglass ring that’s tumbled in the waves for decades. You can find it here without the impact of new silver production. 

" I've kept almost all of my production in house and hand made but shifted my focus onto seeing if I could improve my supply chain. This led to me switching my standard sterling silver bullion purchases to eco-silver which is 100% recycled sterling silver.

I've also started to explore more ethical and recycled materials to work with rather than gemstones. This includes decades-old, tumbled sea glass and most recently 'stones' made from polishing waste resin from the surfboard making industry."
- Ellen Hooper

Graceful Deviant

4160 Tuesdays Perfumery

Sarah McCartney and featuring  three of her bestselling perfumes

4160 Tuesdays is an indie, artisan perfumery based in West London. Since 2011, they have been making adventurous and inspired scents that evoke a time and place,
and tell a scented story. 

They are completely transparent with how they source their materials and focus on being as sustainable as they can be. You’ll find all their packaging to be reusable and recyclable as well as being beautiful like the scent they contain. 

"We blend small batches of perfume for people who enjoy wearing unusual aromas. We bottle them to order, so there's no waste. Growth is overrated, and unsustainable. We're content with doing what we do best and delighting the people who appreciate it." -Sarah McCartney

4160 Tuesdays Perfumery

Tilia Books & Cards

Amanda Davey featuring her pheasants in the snow Christmas card

What you’ll find on the Tilia Publishing UK site is an appreciation for the natural world and our environment, through photography, ecology, landscape and history. You’ll find unique greeting cards with evocative images and beautifully written and illustrated books on their website.

If you share a love for nature and our gorgeous landscapes, as well as an intrigue for ecology and history, you’ll find yourself right at home at Tilia Publishing UK.

"Our aim is to share our love of ecology and the environment, and some of our knowledge in a way that engages and inspires, to allow people to achieve that love and sense of exploration for themselves. We do this through our photographs and images on the greeting cards and through the books that we write and illustrate.” -Amanda Davey

Tilia Books & Cards

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