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How to Price Your Craft Products

Knitting with needles

Handmade crafts are an antidote to the disposable culture of mass produced goods. Through making products by hand, crafters are bringing something unique into the world each time they sit down at their kitchen table, workbench or armchair and knit, sew, pour, cut, warm, cool, hammer, paint or mould their creation into life.

Customers love the idea that they’re buying something unusual, something unique, something that’s been made by a human being and not a robot. So why is it that so many crafters seem to have hangups about charging a reasonable price for their work?


How To Prepare Your Online Shop For Christmas

Winter Jumper and icecream

Christmas is always the most profitable time of year for Create customers and those with an online business.

If you want to make 2016 the best year yet then you need to start thinking about your Christmas activity now.


Crafting The Best Abandoned Basket Email

woman holding a basket of flowers

Many shoppers who browse your site aren’t ready to buy right away, and seeing orders disappear can be frustrating. Why not communicate with potential buyers, just like you would in a physical shop, and encourage them to make the purchase? Use personalised, targeted emails and start recovering sales today!

Abandoned basket emails are an easy and successful way to tempt shoppers back to complete their order. A well timed, helpful email can reduce your abandonment rate and increase sales, so take advantage of our top tips for writing a winning recovery email.


Stop VAT Confusion Costing You Sales

New Vat Upgrade Available

Are you charging the correct VAT rate on your products? Do you shock shoppers with hidden costs? You could be squandering potential sales, so don't be vague about VAT, offer clarity around inclusive / exclusive prices with the new VAT upgrade. Clear up the confusion, charge the correct rate for your products and improve your shoppers’ experience today!


Free Webinar: Abandoned Basket Basics

Free Webinar: Learning To Recover Abandoned Baskets

Are you aware of your online shop’s abandon rate? Finding this out and implementing a recovery strategy to boost sales can feel daunting if you’re not sure where to start. Watch our short video and learn the basics of using the Abandoned Basket Recovery Tool - start reducing your abandonment with confidence today!


Use Abandoned Basket Insight And Recover Lost Sales

Putting items into a shopping basket doesn’t always lead to a sale when it comes to ecommerce. Want to recover those lost sales opportunities and re-engage customers? With the ability to identify previously unknown opportunities, you could start boosting your site's revenue right away.

The much anticipated Abandoned Basket tool has launched and can help you today- start using it now, there’s data waiting for you already!


Is Your Website Prepared For January Sales?

Is Your Website Prepared For January Sales? Man packing and organising parcel

You would think everyone is gifted-out over the last month and couldn’t possibly think of buying another. Single. Thing. However, we know that’s not the case – the January sale is not just a chance for consumers to grab a last minute bargain, it’s become a yearly event. Take this chance to capitalise on increased online spending and make way for the New Year. To help you run a successful and useful sale here's our tips to make sure you’re doing just that.


New Tool: Scheduled Sales

Create feature, Organise Shop Promotions With Scheduled Sales!

Running a sale in your online shop is a great way to drive more traffic to your website - exciting new visitors, whilst also selling some of your older stock, which makes way for new products. Save time, plan ahead and make the most of the precious family moments this Christmas by preparing your sales in advance! Read all about our new “Scheduled Sales” update.


Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Ready For The Rush?

 Preparing For Black Friday And Cyber Monday Sales

As we finish putting the Halloween decorations away for another year, Christmas fever is now officially upon us. Festive tunes have made their way onto the office playlist, we’ve seen that first Coca Cola advert of the season, and mince pies are already in the bargain bin at the local supermarkets.

In our laser-focused sprint towards December 25th, you could be forgiven for forgetting that two of the busiest days of the shopping calendar are rapidly approaching. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are taking place on the 27th and 30th of November - is your business ready?


Royal Mail's Last Posting Dates For Christmas 2015

Royal Mail's Last Posting Dates for Christmas 2015 image of christmas present under a tree

Is the Christmas rush upon us? If you are a Worldwide seller, some international last posting dates for Christmas come round sooner than you think, and so it is great to get ahead and make sure you are ready for the coming festive season!

To help you on your way we have compiled a handy guide to Royal Mail's last posting dates to help you ensure your customers get their deliveries before Christmas.

If you haven't already, why not add the last dates your customers can order and receive their goods in time for Christmas Day to your website? It can be a brilliant way to help them make informed buying decisions and for you to handle expectations.


The Crafter’s Guide To Packaging Handmade Products

Image of woman holding the book The Crafter’s Guide To Packaging Handmade Products

While taking care over packaging is extremely useful for businesses that make handmade products, it really can lend itself to all areas of ecommerce. Ensuring your customers have the best experience from start to finish by adding a special touch to the packaging of your orders can really make or break your business memorability. But how and where do you begin?


An Introduction To PCI DSS Compliance

Desk with pen laptop and coffee

There’s a lot to know when you run an ecommerce store; a variety of legislations to adhere to and, if you want to accept card payments through your store then you must also be PCI DSS compliant. Confused by it all? Read on to find out what being PCI DSS compliant means and how it may affect your business.


How To Accept Card Payments On Your Website

couple looking at laptop with a bank card

Want to be trading 24 hours a day, 365 days a year? No problem. You have designed your website, added your products to your online shop and are raring to go! If you’re opening an ecommerce store you’ll want to ensure you can receive online payments. Read on to find out how you can accept card payments through your website.


Spring Clean Your Website

Spring Clean Your Website including SEO tips, Responsive design, Shop Sale and much more

We are now officially in the season of Spring, and with this comes spring cleaning! Giving your life, home or workplace a refresh can really prepare you for the months ahead.


Royal Mail's Last Posting Dates for Christmas 2014

Royal Mail's Last Posting Dates for Christmas 2014

63% of online shoppers don’t switch into shopping mode until 2-4 weeks before the big day and Christmas is drawing closer at a rapid speed. We've compiled a handy guide to Royal Mail's last posting dates to help you ensure your customers get their deliveries before Christmas.

If you haven't already, why not add the last dates your customers can order and receive their goods in time for Christmas Day? It's a great way to help them make informed buying decisions and for you to handle expectations.


Get Ready For Christmas With An End Of Summer Sale!

run an end of summer sale

With summer coming to an end its a good opportunity to clear out your old stock and get ready for the busy festive period. A great way to do this is to set up a sale within your shop!


Social Proof Marketing Tips

Rebekah Harriman

We all want to sell more online, and there are many tried and tested methods to help you do so. One of these is showing how well-received your business and products have been before in order to increase trust in your business and improve sales conversion rates. A powerful way to promote your company is to use the unbiased testimonials of happy customers.

Below, social media consultant and coach Rebekah Harriman explains the various ways to get the message across that your customers love you and your products with social proof!


How To Increase Your Sales Online

How To Increase Your Sales Online

As it's Global Entrepreneurship Week we're taking a step forward by helping businesses grow and improve their businesses. Here's the first of two blogs on the various ways you can improve your business.

For any ecommerce website, sales is the single most important element you need to keep building and developing your website.

These are necessary to keep your company growing and becoming the business you want.

So, what can you do to keep those sales coming? In this blog we are going to take a look at some top tips not only for increasing your sales but for how to encourage your customers to come back for more.


Christmas Sales Tips From Create Sellers [#INFOGRAPHIC]

Christmas Tips Infographic blog logo

Before and during the busiest shopping period of the year, shrewd online business owners do all sorts of things to get themselves noticed and to make sure they get a good slice of the Christmas sales cake.

We spoke to online shop owners and asked them to provide their top Christmas sales tips, which we've collected together in the festive infographic below!

If you've got big plans for Christmas, let us know your top tips by leaving a comment below or tweeting us @create!


7 Ways Discount Codes Can Help Your Online Business

Discount Codes

Voucher and coupon codes are rapidly increasing in popularity online and people are much more likely to claim them online than by traditional methods.

Discount codes are easy to promote, easy to share and great for tracking campaign successes - just make sure you're keeping an eye on your margins if you offer them, especially if you're using them in conjunction with other advertising which costs you money, like PPC!

Here are seven ways you can use discount codes to help your business online and off:


How To Sell More With Great Product Descriptions

Buy Me Logo

As an online retailer, you will probably be all too familiar with the task of writing descriptions for your products, and if you are new to selling online this can seem like a daunting task.

When you’re selling online, your product description is the equivalent to the instore, face-to-face sales pitch to the customer. It’s really important to get your copy looking great and reading well so that it does the selling for you. Pitching your products well will turn your browsers into buyers.


Happy Birthday, Facebook Shop!

Create's Facebook Shop app is One!

Many happy returns to our Facebook Shop app, which has helped Create members get their shops a brand new customer base for a full calendar year now!


Hold Your Own Summer Sale!

Shop Sale logo

The sun is shining in the sky, the birds are singing in the trees,* and your customers are searching for summer bargains all over the place. Why not beat the high street at its own game? Hold your own summer sale!


Are You Hosting a January Sale?

Run a Sale in your online shop

We hope you're currently rushed off your feet with the final flurry of Christmas shopping, but the fun is not over yet! It will soon be time for those Boxing Day and January Sales, so now is a good time to start thinking about if you will host a sale on your website.


Gain Google Product Search exemption for your bespoke products

Over the past few months Google have been making various changes to their 'Product Search' facility.

As a result of this update, users are now required to provide certain Unique Product Identifiers (UPI) to list their products. These UPI include Brand, MPN, ISBN and EAN details.


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