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All our themes are fully customisable: you can change your colours, fonts, images, wallpapers, heading sizes and more.

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Can I edit a theme?
Yes, you're completely in control of the look and feel of your website. You'll be able to customise colours, fonts, images, backgrounds, header sizes and so much more in the Design Studio (where it's easy to make your changes - read more here). The customisation opportunities are limitless with Create.
Can I change my theme?
Yes. We offer a range of themes in a variety of designs - if you want to change your theme at any time the option is only a click away.
Are Create's themes mobile friendly?
Absolutely! All of our themes are fully responsive and mobile friendly. Our CMS (content management system), Pagebuilder, will ensure your content layouts are responsive too.
Can I build my own theme?
Yes - if you're comfortable writing HTML and CSS code (or know somebody who is!) you can build your own theme from scratch. Take a look at our Web Designers' Kit to find out more.
Can I upload my own logo?
Yes - you can upload your logo in a range of popular image formats. If you don't have a logo, you can customise your header with the name of your site or business by choosing from our range of fonts.
What if I can't decide on a theme?
Create's friendly Customer Account Managers are only an email away - if you need help deciding which theme to use, simply email us and we'll suggest a range based on what you're planning to create. We'd love to hear from you.
What if I need help customising my theme?
We regularly run webinars around the Create platform and best practice - if you get stuck you can either get in touch with us or sign up to one of our webinars, where you'll have a guided tour of the platform and can ask a Create expert any questions you may have.

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