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Why does your website need an SSL certificate?

Secure connections are a must for many online shoppers, and with search engines like Google making it their priority to link only to secure content and sites, having full SSL encryption on your site is becoming increasingly important.

What Is Full SSL Encryption?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and works as just that - an added layer of security. This means protection for data and sensitive information passed between server and browser, making it less likely for a third party to intercept the information.

If you have a full SSL certificate you will see your web address start with https://, universally often recognised by a green padlock icon in the address bar. For example, take a look at the Create SSL secure website:

Not only does having the green padlock and https:// showing in your domain URL indicate a safe website for customers to enter their payment and card details. With search engines now prioritising secure sites as part of their ranking - full SSL is also good for your SEO! As search engines like Google now prioritise secure sites and content, having SSL integrated on your site will improve its ranking on search engines!

Where sensitive site data, such as card payments are being passed, SSL encryption is crucial and it’s important to note that all card processing services integrated with Create’s checkout already use SSL. This ensures the card details entered by your customers will always be encrypted.

Full SSL can actually help you improve your sales and turn visits into sales, as customers are more likely to complete a purchase being reassured that your whole site is secure, and a place they can safely enter their card details online. Moving forward, search engines will make SSL even more of a priority. As the next step from search engines, it is likely that pages that ask for personal details will be targeted and browsers start showing a “site not secure” message to warn off customers from non-SSL sites.  Switching over to a package with full SSL now is recommended! 

How Can I Get Full SSL Encryption On My Website?

With our new range of packages, full SSL is included as a standard from the start, to ensure it is known to your visitors that your site is secure. Here's how to add an SSL on your website.  So, if you would like to switch your account level today or would like some more help turning on the SSL on your account, speak to your Account Manager who will be happy to help and advise.

Note For Realex Users:

As full SSL validates your entire website, including the checkout, if you use the Realex payment gateway to receive online payments, you will need to make a small update, in the "Return URL" within your Realex account.

Your current Return URL will look something like this "". You'll just need to update the start of it swapping "http" , for "https" which will reflect the change of having full SSL encryption.

Your updated URL should look something like this "".

If you need any help with this you can contact Realex on who will be able to help you in editing this.


If you have any questions at all or would like to know more, please don't hesitate to get in touch with your Account Manager who will be on hand to help.